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The Guide For Buyers & Investors


Pink diamonds are extremely rare, and therefore very valuable, prized by consumers and collectors alike. Since the first reported discoveries of pink diamonds centuries ago, they have been found all over the world in spots as distant as India and Brazil. Since the late 1980s, the Argyle mine in Northwestern Australia has become the leading producer of pinks on the planet, generating over 90% of the world’s supply. Argyle produced over 90% of the fancy pink diamonds sold on the market today, and is the sole source of the most rare and most significant pinks available today. Out of the over 30 million carats of rough mined at Argyle each year, less than 10,000 carats are pink, and less than 1,000 carats weighed more than 0.20ct in their rough form. Shop our collection of rare Argyle pink diamonds today.

Rare Pink Diamond Qualities



Unlike other fancy colors, which owe their hues to the presence of trace elements ranging from nitrogen to boron, a fancy pink diamond acquires color due to an atomic level lattice defect that scientists refer to as ‘plastic deformation’.

 vivid purplish pink diamond



Fancy Pink diamonds are assessed according to intensity of color, or a combination of saturation and tone. The following describe green diamond intensities:


Faint Pink, Very Light Pink, Light Pink, Fancy Light Pink, Fancy Pink, Fancy Intense Pink, Fancy Vivid Pink, Fancy Deep Pink


pink diamond color intensity


The further along this spectrum you go, the richer and more intense the pink is to be seen in the diamond. The more intense a stone’s color saturation, the more it will be worth. For example, a Fancy Intense Pink diamond will be worth more than a Fancy Pink. That said, apart from very saturated pinks, stones with secondary color modifiers such as purplish pinks are very rare collectors’ items and may fetch millions of dollars per carat at auction.


pink diamond colors


Secondary Color Modifiers

Color intensity and carat weight are the biggest influencers of a fancy color diamond’s price, and this is certainly true for Fancy Pink diamonds. In the case of pinks, secondary modifying colors such as orange, brown, purple and red can be present. Sometimes the presence of these colors is so subtle they won’t even register on the naked eye. A fancy pink diamond with no secondary color, or overtone, is extremely rare and the more intense its color, the more valuable the stone will be. With that said, certain exceptional stones such as the Mystra, a 2.02ct Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink round, the confluence of carat weight, intensity, cut (rounds being very rare shapes for a fancy color) and purplish overtone make this diamond one of the rarest pink diamonds in existence.

 vivd pink diamonds


Tone refers to the lightness or darkness of a real pink diamond, and the continuum in between. GIA grading does not make a distinction in tones, but to the eye a stone with darker tones may appear more intense in color. For someone looking for the appearance of a Fancy Intense Pink without the price tag of one, a good option may be a Fancy Pink diamond with a darker tone.

 shades of pink diamond color


It is very common for pink diamonds to display fluorescence. In fact, finding a real pink diamond without this quality is quite rare, hence its presence usually does not have a negative impact on price (even in the case of strong blue fluorescence). According to GIA, over 80% all pink diamonds exhibit some degree of fluorescence. In the final analysis, the enhancement to a stone’s aesthetics that fluorescence offers is entirely subjective.



Fancy Pink diamonds tend to be included overall, yet because of their rarity, clarity plays a much smaller part in their valuation than it does in, say, yellow diamonds. According to GIA, less than 7% of all pink diamonds attain a clarity grade of Flawless or Internally Flawless, whereas almost half are either Slightly Included or Included. As noted previously, color is a far greater determinant of a pink diamond’s overall value (and rarity) than is clarity.


Because round cuts tend to produce lower color saturation, pink diamonds, like other colors, are generally cut into fancy shapes such as cushions, emerald cuts, princesses, etc. Round cuts cause color desaturation because they are best at reflecting white light, which also gives them their scintillation. In the case of pink diamonds, a round cut may make the pink color appear fainter, whereas a fancy shape, which reflects less white light, will maximize color saturation. Take note of uneven color distributions as well (these will be noted on your GIA certificate), as they can certainly affect a diamond’s appearance and value.

 rare pink diamonds



Pink is one of the rarest colors in the fancy color diamond universe. Unlike yellow diamonds, which comprise over 60% of all fancy color diamonds produced, natural pinks fall into the same category as blues and reds for their extreme rarity. Because of their striking color and constraints on supply (the Argyle mine, which currently produces over 90% of the world’s pinks, is scheduled to shut down by 2017), pink diamonds represent excellent investment opportunities. The price of pink diamonds has been steadily climbing for years. When considering a rare pink diamond as an investment, opt for stones with deeper color saturation and as large a size as fits your budget. In the case of pinks, the strongest determinants of rarity and hence value are color, size, shape and clarity, in that order. Pink diamond prices vary based on these qualities. So obviously if you happen upon a round (an extremely rare shape for a color diamond as previously discussed) Fancy Vivid Pink diamond, but it happens to be only 0.30ct and Slightly Included, it may indeed be an exceptionally rare and valuable specimen.

Price of pink diamonds


Pink diamonds have been sourced in very limited supply from mines around the world. In the 17th and 18th centuries, rich discoveries of pinks were made in the Golconda region in India and the Minas Gerais region in Brazil. Since the late 1980s, over 90% of the world’s fancy pink diamond supply has come from Rio Tinto’s Argyle mine in Northwestern Australia.

Famous Pink Diamonds

The Pink Dream: a stunning 59.60ct Fancy Vivid Pink oval, the Pink Dream sold at auction at Sotheby’s Geneva for over $83 million, making it the world record holder for any diamond ever sold at auction, pink or otherwise. (Unfortunately, the buyer defaulted on the sale.)

 pink dream

The Graff Pink: in 2010, diamond dealer extraordinaire Laurence Graff paid over $46 million for a 24.78 carat Fancy Intense Pink, setting a then-record (until the Pink Dream in 2013) for a diamond sold at auction.

 Graff pink diamond ring


At Diamond Envy, rare pink diamonds are our specialty. Over 50 gorgeous options are available in stock and our experts can help you find the perfect one. Whether you’re interested for investment purposes or to give an extraordinary gift to someone in your life, shop our fancy pink diamonds today.