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The green gemstones we select to create our emerald jewelry are conflict-free, with rich and lively color. We offer loose stones and emerald jewelry for all occasions, budgets and tastes. Shop our exclusive collection below.


Emerald Engagement Rings, Earrings, Necklaces and Loose Stones: Conflict Free, Stunning Jewelry


Emeralds have certain characteristics that make each stone unique. Color and clarity play the biggest role in giving an emerald its individuality. Most of our inventory comes from Colombia or Zambia, where emeralds are known for their distinct hues and tones. For example, a Colombian emerald is likely to have lush, vivid green color while a Zambian emerald is typically darker with a bluish green look.


Emeralds, unlike other gems, are generally included. The inclusions are widely accepted due to the nature of the rough stone and in fact, can give a finished emerald a one-of-a-kind beauty. This distinctiveness is what makes emerald jewelry so exciting. No emerald necklace is like another. A pair of emerald earrings is matchless and emerald engagement rings are the ultimate token of your unparalleled love.


Learn more about natural emerald color, clarity and origin in our education section.


Don’t see the emerald necklace you love? Want us to create a custom pair of emerald earrings for you? Not sure which of our emerald engagement rings suits you? Contact our design team and we can get started on your project today.

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Showing 28 - 36 of 68 Products