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Conflict-Free Diamonds

Diamond Envy strongly believes in sharing only conflict-free colored diamonds procured in an ethical manner with the world. Our promise to you is that every diamond you see on our site has been mined, manufactured and traded ethically and with respect for human rights, a commitment to protecting the environment, a pledge to deliver economic empowerment to the communities the diamonds come from and a firm position against abhorrent practices.


Ethical Diamonds – Our Promise To You


As committed as Diamond Envy is to bringing you the rarest and most beautiful colored diamonds, we are equally dedicated to selling only conflict-free diamonds, procured ethically and legally from known, reputable sources. We are passionate about diamonds, but we are also passionate about ensuring that the people and communities involved in the diamond trade are treated fairly and with dignity. As part of this commitment, Diamond Envy is fully compliant with all conventions and treaties in place to ensure that only ethical diamonds are mined, including the Kimberley Process (established in 2000 to track and certify rough diamonds from point of origin to delivery), The Patriot Act and various initiatives passed by organizations such as the United Nations and World Diamond Congress.


Ethical and conflict-free diamonds are those that are mined in conditions free from blood-shed, child-labor and ecological destruction. Workers earn fair wages and enjoy safe and violence-free work environments.


Diamond Envy does not condone any person or organization that knowingly trades in conflict stones, and we guarantee that all the diamonds we sell are conflict-free. We can make this guarantee to you because we manufacture many of our diamonds ourselves; in cases where we source them externally, we track the stone from mine to market and ensure they come from legitimate suppliers with which we have long-established commercial relationships and which are members in good standing of the diamond industry.


If you are interested to learn more about exactly how we track our diamonds to ensure they are ethical and conflict-free, please contact us and shop the collection of GIA certified natural fancy colored diamonds today.