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Night, Panther, Obsidian. Experience the mysterious beauty of Diamond Envy’s collection of natural black diamonds. Shop the selection and find your fancy black diamond today.


Natural Fancy Black Diamonds Make for Other-Worldly Engagement Rings and Jewelry


Black diamonds are very unique compared to other colored diamonds. They are opaque instead of translucent and owe their color to evenly distributed, dark inclusions. While inclusions are not considered desirable in other diamonds, a natural black diamond is prized for them. Their glossy facets and deep, rich color make them unlike any other diamond.


Most black diamond jewelry available at department stores and other retailers feature less desirable diamonds that have been treated to give them their dark color. Only a GIA certified natural black diamond is truly how Mother Nature made it. Scientists have discovered that black diamonds are much older than other diamonds and therefore believe that they may have originated in outer space. They are considered to have come to Earth via an asteroid that landed over 3.8 billion years ago. With such an incredible story and luxurious appeal, black diamonds make an excellent choice for your next jewelry project.


At Diamond Envy, unique engagement rings are our specialty. Select a fancy black diamond you love and our expert design team can help you create one today. Not in the market for an engagement ring? No problem. We can also help you design other black diamond jewelry, including: pendants, earrings and more.


Shop our natural black diamond collection today or please contact us for further assistance.

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