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About Argyle Diamonds

Rio Tinto’s Argyle Diamond Mine in northwestern Australia is the only known consistent source of pink diamonds in the world, generating over 90% of the supply sold on the market today. And yet, less than 1% of the diamonds they produce are pink. Out of the over 30 million carats of rough mined at Argyle each year, less than 10,000 carats are pink, and less than 1,000 carats weighed more than 0.20ct in their rough form.


The pink diamonds mined at Argyle are found in beautiful shades of pink ranging from fancy light to the very, very rare red.  


Argyle Pink and Red Diamonds


Since opening in 1983, Argyle has held a blind auction each year called the Pink Diamonds Tender where they offer their best pink diamonds to select customers.  These auctions are made up of about 50 pink diamonds, with most weighing 50 points or less.  Every few years there are enough blue diamonds to be included.  As for red diamonds, there have only been 33 offered so far.     


Rare Argyle Red and Blue Diamonds


In addition to a GIA certificate, each of our Argyle diamonds bears a serial number engraved in the girdle and comes with a Gem Identification and Authenticity Document directly from the mine.  This certificate from Argyle lists the diamond’s ID number as well as its origin. Because of their rarity and enhanced traceability, an Argyle-branded diamond sells at a premium to unbranded pink and blue diamonds.


As rare as colored diamonds are—specifically, the pink, blue, red, and green diamonds mined at Argyle—they are about to get even rarer.  The mine life for Argyle Diamond Mine is projected to end in 2018.  An Argyle stone isn’t just a pretty diamond; it’s a smart investment too.