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Diamond Certification

A certificate from an independent grading laboratory is like a diamond’s fingerprint. It provides a reliable assessment of the key criteria that define that stone, such as its carat weight, measurements, cut, shape, and other vital determinants of the diamond’s rarity and quality.


At Diamond Envy, we rely on the reputation and authority carried by reports from the Gemological Institute of America, or GIA, to certify all of our loose diamonds. GIA’s diamond grading reports are the industry standard; each stone is reviewed by up to six gemologists before a final verdict on its key characteristics is reached. GIA produces two types of reports: a full report for diamonds one-carat and higher, and a dossier for diamonds under one-carat (a dossier is like a full report minus the detailed plotting of the stone’s inclusions).


GIA Diamond Report


Diamond Envy also provides an independent grading report for all colored diamond jewelry we sell. Our diamond jewelry is graded by EGL USA, one of the world’s premier independent grading laboratories, in existence for over 25 years.


On occasion, we will also feature diamonds graded by AGS, a laboratory with a strict reputation for grading round brilliant cut diamonds based on ideal proportions. An AGS triple-zero (000) rated diamond meets the highest standards for ideal round diamond proportions, and is highly valuable.