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Chocolate, Latte, Cognac. Experience the warm beauty of the Diamond Envy Champagne Diamond Collection. Browse our extensive selection below.


Champagne Diamond Secret: A Brown Diamond Means Affordable Luxury


Brown diamonds are often referred to as champagne diamonds- a nod to their sparkling color. The term originated in the 1980’s when the diamond industry sought to bring these beauties into the mainstream. Since then, there has been no denying their rich appearance.


Although a champagne diamond may look luxurious, its price is often quite affordable (compared to other colored diamonds.) This is because brown diamonds are abundant in nature and since scarcity often drives value, we see a reflection in price. So if you desire a unique diamond on a budget, our GIA certified natural champagne diamonds make an excellent choice.


At Diamond Envy, we seek to provide the most mesmerizing champagne diamonds on the market. Our collection features all shapes, sizes and shades for an incredible value.


To learn more about brown diamonds, read this informative blog post or visit our fancy brown diamond guide.

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