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  • Loose Colored Diamonds

When you experience our collection of rare colored diamonds, you enter a world of unique beauty. Nature only produces one out of every 10,000 gem quality diamonds in colors that rival the rainbow’s spectrum. Shop our stunning collection below.


Natural Colored Diamonds: For Sale Individually or in Customized Jewelry


Most colored diamonds on the market today are treated to change or enhance their color and clarity. A true natural colored diamond gets its beautiful hue when another element combines with carbon during the crystallization process, there is a mutation in the crystalline structure, or even, exposure to radiation. Rare, natural colored diamonds are the perfect option for expressing your love. Just select the perfect stone to add in a custom setting from our Design Your Own Engagement Ring program.


At Diamond Envy, all our fancy color diamonds are certified natural. A GIA certificate accompanies each loose colored diamond so you can be a confident and knowledgeable collector. Our selection features all shapes, sizes and mesmerizing colors. If you don’t see the color diamond you are looking for or you have questions about a stone, our experts are here to help. We also guarantee your 100% satisfaction or your money back and will even pay for the return shipping! Shopping with us is not only special, it is hassle-free.


Visit our education section to learn more about all the diamond colors and their value, history and origin.