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Sometimes “traditional” just doesn’t cut it. Be exceptional and wow the love of your life with one of Diamond Envy’s stunning colored diamond engagement rings or design your own custom ring with us today.


Alternative Engagement Rings: Colored Diamond Styles Are a Unique Option


If you have unique taste, jewelry shopping can be quite a hassle. At Diamond Envy, we provide the widest selection of alternative engagement rings featuring gorgeous colored diamonds in one-of-a-kind settings. While colorless diamonds are certainly pretty, each colored diamond selected for one of our handmade rings is wonderfully original. No two stones are exactly alike, providing you with a distinctive ring to enhance your unequalled love story.


Engagement Ring shopping is worry-free at Diamond Envy. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed and shipping is always free!


Make your statement and browse our selection of alternative, colored diamond engagement rings below.


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Showing 1 - 9 of 122 Products