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Trending: Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

yellow diamond engagement ring

When it comes to colored diamonds, it is all about personal preference.  Colored diamonds come in endless hues and many women know exactly what they want.  An engagement ring is a hefty purchase and you want to be sure you get it right the first time: 1) to prevent her saying “no” and 2) to prevent her from selling it later on to buy the one she really adores! Yellow diamonds are a fabulous choice for a marriage proposal but you’ll want to make sure your lady is on board before spending the cash.


Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring in 18K Two-Tone Gold


If you have already spoken to your girlfriend about engagement rings, bring up color. It is typical to talk about size, budget, shape and metal but check to see if she likes the idea of a yellow diamond before starting your search.  For those of you who want it to be a surprise, listen for hints and do a little snooping!  Does she comment on her friends’ rings or when a coworker gets engaged?  Is there a family member you can talk to about her likes/dislikes? She may even have some magazines lying around that have helpful clues or a Pinterest board featuring rings she dreams about at night.   We also recommend a little test of sorts.  Celebs have been favoring colored diamond rings so try mentioning Kelly Clarkson’s beautiful canary diamond and see what she has to say.


Still not sure? According to our poll, yellow diamonds are preferred by 21% of participants.  See the results of the colored diamond poll and check out these amazing yellow diamond engagement rings!


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