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5 Wedding Dresses You’ll Never Forget…Even If You Try

A wedding is typically thought of as a ceremony for the joining of two lives in love and matrimony followed by a reception for celebrating with friends and family. Right?  For most, the tone is traditional… but plenty of couples put a unique spin on their big day and incorporate their distinctive style when planning. That seems reasonable. Share an important moment with those closest to you and make it meaningful for you and your significant other. Duh. But when it comes to “the dress”, some brides take their fashion choices for the special occasion to the extreme- and beyond.  From “barely there” to LED lighting, wedding dresses can come in all shapes, styles and levels of crazy.

Here’s a round-up of my favorite tacky, unusual and odd wedding dresses from around the web.

 1.  The Hottest Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress Airbrushed with Flames

Their love must burn with a fiery passion

2.  The Poofy Wedding Dress

Rosette Wedding Dress

What is she hiding under there?!

 3. The Designer Label Wedding Dress

Graffiti Wedding Dress

Well at least there is no confusing which one is the “wifey”

 4.  The Embellished Wedding Dress

LED wedding dress

She’s so happy she’s glowing!

5.  The Sexy Wedding Dress

Sheer Wedding Dress

Guess it makes a good option for that tropical destination wedding you’ve always wanted.

I am in full support of wedding attire that shies away from tradition with elements of modern design and unique accents but there is a huge difference between interesting and icky. There are plenty of moments to let out your wild side and wear something out-of-the-box, like say, New Year’s Eve, but come on, this is your wedding day…choose wisely!

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