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These Unique Engagement Rings Will Change Your Mind About Diamonds

3.39 Carat Natural Emerald and Diamond Ring in 18K Black Gold and Platinum

Are you adamant about not having a diamond featured as the main attraction of your future engagement ring? Or perhaps you really can go either way about whether you will have a diamond center in your own engagement ring and simply need a gentle push to send you over? We can understand how you feel – you think halo diamond engagement rings are so overdone that they have all but lost any trace of uniqueness or originality they might have once had. Your best girlfriends and their friends are each sporting their own halo diamond rings on their ring fingers. So you hardly want to become yet another statistic in that area. On the other end of the engagement ring spectrum, you also know that you do not want a cookie-cutter diamond solitaire ring. Because if halo diamond rings are fancy but oh-so-boring, then diamond solitaire rings must be the repulsive half-sibling, right? In other words, diamond solitaires are just plain old boring. Either way, have a look at our curated list of engagement rings – these unique engagement rings will change your mind about diamonds.


1.82 Carat Natural Morganite and Pink Diamond Ring in 18K Rose Gold

1.82 Carat Natural Morganite and Pink Diamond Ring in 18K Rose Gold

This morganite and pink diamond ring is sure to turn plenty of heads.


If you want to avoid having a big chunky diamond shining as your engagement ring’s center stone, this natural morganite and pink diamond ring in 18k rose gold makes a fine alternative candidate. The morganite, the oval cut milky pink gemstone in the center, mimics the beautiful hue of a fancy pink diamond, but at a much cheaper cost. This ring will bring instant glamor to your hand while remaining gentle on the pocketbook.


1.27 Carat Rose Cut Brown Diamond Ring in 18K White Gold

1.27 Carat Rose Cut Brown Diamond Ring in 18K White Gold

Here’s a diamond ring that doesn’t look like a diamond ring at all.


For a ring style that absolutely screams unique, look no further than this rose cut brown diamond ring in 18k white gold. The star is unequivocally the 1.21 carat brown diamond slice nestled in the center. It boasts an organic shape and stunning earthy-hued veining that instantly puts a different spin on your typical brilliantly shining diamond. Tiny white diamonds, totaling 0.06 carats, accent side scrolls that help keep the extraordinary diamond in place.


Trillion Diamond Ring

Trillion Diamond Solitaire Ring in 18K Yellow Gold

This ring is perfect for the woman who shies away from all things flashy yet wants a simple icon of elegance.


Made for the everyday minimalist, this trillion diamond solitaire ring made of 18k yellow gold is anything but boring. The gorgeous bezel-set trillion cut diamond is brilliantly offset against a backdrop of soft yellow gold. This ring is a classic example of understated beauty at its finest.


Yellow Gold and Pave Diamonds Stack Ring

Yellow Gold and Pave Diamonds Stack Ring

This unique diamond ring stands out among its peers.


This charming (pun intended, perhaps) yellow gold and pave diamond stack ring would stack nicely with your wedding band on your big day. The highlight is a pave disc charm suspended from a 14K yellow gold band. The pave diamonds are 0.28 carats.


Emerald and Diamond Gold Ring

Emerald and Diamond Gold Ring

For those who want a traditional design without a diamond as the center stone, this ring bearing an emerald as the center stone is a stunning option.


This emerald and diamond gold ring will be a faithful servant to the woman with delicate style and a love of everything artisan-inspired. The ring, made of polished 14K gold, features an emerald-cut emerald flanked by a pair of round white diamonds. The gold edges around the stone are finished with fine milgrain work.


If you’re on the hunt for a unique engagement ring, shop our engagement ring collection today! All of our fancy colored diamonds are 100 percent natural and never color-treated. Diamond Envy offers a large selection of conflict-free colored diamond jewelry at competitive prices. We stand behind every diamond and jewelry item we carry and offer an unbeatable 60-day money-back guarantee with free shipping both ways.


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  1. Sandra says:

    True! All these rings are really unique and attractive.

  2. Morgan says:

    I love emeralds!

  3. Sarah says:

    That rose cut ring is so cool!