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The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Planner

Valentine's Day Gift Colored Diamond Ring Red Rose Petals

Some of us tend to have high expectations for Valentine’s Day, and who can really blame us?  We’ve been programmed to fall for all the mushy gushy love stuff and let’s face it –it’s kind of fun to spend a whole day celebrating romance. Oh. Wait. You’re one of those women who calls it a Hallmark holiday and has a grumpy cat face all day? Then feel free to skip this post.  Maybe check out this one instead.


If you ARE one of the many women who look forward to Valentine’s Day, then let’s prepare!  Sometimes just dropping hints isn’t enough. That’s why we thought it was necessary to create a handy guide to help your man narrow the choices down to the perfect gift for you.


Our suggestion? Make a Pinterest board called “My Valentine’s Day Wish List” and get busy adding all the things you’d love to receive. If you’re like us and you’re looking forward to opening a little box with something sparkly inside (EEEE!!!!) then pin the graphic below and some of your favorite looks from our jewelry collection! If you want the classic Valentine’s Day date night too, make sure you pin pictures from your fav restaurant or your most loved dishes along with flower arrangements that make your heart flutter.


valentine's day gift guide for jewelry


Need some jewelry alternatives to show him too? Here are some great Valentine’s Day gift options that can be both romantic and budget friendly!


  • Tickets to an Event – this is an awesome choice because it means you get a date night down the road that you can both enjoy!
  • A Box Subscription – something like Birchbox or Club W is fun because it’s the gift that keeps on giving!
  • Spa Treatment – maybe a couples massage or mani/pedi?
  • Weekend Getaway – spending even a few days away from home can do a couple some good and it gives you something else to look forward to.
  • Perfume – since this is personal preference item, make sure you pin the scents you know you like
  • A Gift Card – it may not be super romantic, but think about it…a day shopping for whatever you truly want doesn’t sound too shabby. (Just pin things from the places you like or photos of looks you admire and add in the caption that you’d love to spend some quality time shopping.)


Here’s the clincher.  If he doesn’t already browse your Pinterest account, leave your browser open where he can see it. ;)


And before you get your hopes up, just remember that even if he doesn’t get you something from your list, it’s truly his love and devotion that counts. Here’s to a wonderful Valentine’s Day full of love!



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