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The Ultimate Guide To Engagement Ring Styles

yellow diamond engagement ring styles

It’s a tough decision -What ring you will wear for the rest of your happy marriage. So how do you know where to start? Well, if you are just dreaming, browsing or seriously shopping, do yourself a favor and at least consult the chart below. It will help you determine which engagement ring styles suit you best. Generally, you can narrow down your preferences to one (or a mix of two) out of 6 categories.  Helpful descriptions are listed under the chart for more information to share with your partner, jeweler or hint droppers!


engagement ring styles


Engagement Ring Styles: Explained




If you love the classic solitaire, simple halo or side stone ring designs, then you should stick to it. Don’t be swayed by fancy details or flashy extras because you might love it at first, but that will likely fade, and fast.




Do you admire alternative center stones, architectural metal work, and fancy diamond shapes? Then a modern ring may be just right for you. They can be a little edgy, distinctive, and fun.  Modern settings can be ideal for someone with a busy lifestyle as well because bezels and low profile stones are protected against wear and tear.


Vintage Inspired


If you love the look of antique jewelry, but you want to be the first person to wear the ring, look for something inspired by a time gone by. Details like milgrain edging, diamond clusters, and open shanks can make a new ring feel like it was part of another era.




If your style is funky, then your engagement ring should be too. Opt for something one-of-a-kind with unexpected details like a halo on a three stone ring, fancy cut side stones or a center stone that isn’t so cookie-cutter. Marquise shapes, pears and branded diamond cuts will help you stand out.




Not for the tame, these blingy rings are eye-catching and full of sparkle. They generally have more carat weight so the price will be higher, but if budget is no issue and you love diamonds, this may be the look for you. Go for a diamond encrusted setting, large center stone, or all of the above for showstopping glamour!




The opposite of bold, these simplistic designs are sweet and affordable. Thinner bands, pave diamonds and effortless settings make this beautiful ring style ideal for the bride with understated taste.
Still can’t decide? If you are like me and you love many designs, start with something that catches your eye. Then walk away. Take a week or so to ponder it and if it keeps popping into your head, then it could just be the one! Plus, there are always anniversaries for ring upgrades!


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  1. Sheera Stock says:

    I love the delicate engagement ring style. Simple yet elegant. :)