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The Traveler’s Guide to Packing Jewelry for Vacation

packing jewelry for vacation

We’re halfway through the year and you deserve a little R&R. You probably enjoy picking a destination, finding plane tickets is pretty easy now with the help of the internet, and you might even arrange for some activities while away (parasailing anyone?!)


So there’s no downside to a vacation, right?


Well, if you’re like most of my readers, you HATE packing. It’s stressful, time consuming and just down right annoying.


A few of my loyal fans have asked, “How should I pack jewelry for travel?” So, I will graciously share my tried and true (and practically free!) methods for all to see.



 How To Pack Jewelry For Vacation


Earrings or Rings – put each pair of earrings or individual rings in the plastic compartments of a pill box to keep them organized and safe. You can even put them in the corresponding day to match your clothing and plan out your whole look.


pill organizer to store rings or earrings for travel

You can find one of these at a drugstore for $1!



Necklaces – undo the clasp and put each necklace through a straw, then fasten. This will keep them all from tangling and creating a knotted mess. Then I just tuck them in a folded shirt to make sure they don’t get thrown around inside my luggage.


necklace through a straw to keep from tangling when packing for vacation

Grab some straws the next time you eat out.


Bangles/Bracelets – roll up a towel or soft garment and slide on each bracelet, leaving a little room between them. Then just tuck it in between more clothing to protect the pieces from anything hard that might cause damage.



This packing hack is absolutely free and easy!


Not in love with DIY-ing? A small jewelry organizer like this one has lots of room for multi-option packing and can be easily stored in your suitcase for safe keeping.


travel sized jewelry organizer
Extra tips to save you from a jewelry induced headache:


  • Plan ahead: decide what jewelry you’ll wear with each outfit and don’t pack more than you need
  • Never bring uninsured fine jewelry. This is just a bad idea and heartbreak waiting to happen.
  • Minimize the jewelry you wear to the airport. Getting through security is already hard enough.
  • Always keep jewelry in your carry-on. That way you are in charge of its safe-keeping, not the airline baggage crew.


Safe travels!


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