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What Tiffany & Co. Can Teach Us About Diamonds

Tiffany Diamond Ring

Tiffany & Co. is undoubtedly the most iconic diamond jewelry store in the world. The former “stationery and fancy goods” company is nearly 200 years old, founded by Charles Lewis Tiffany and John B. Young in 1837. Its famous flagship store is located at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 57th Street in Manhattan, New York City, since 1940, and was celebrated in the time-honored 1961 film, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, starring Audrey Hepburn. There is perhaps no combination of color and jewelry box more well-known than the Tiffany Blue Box – the robin’s egg blue color has been synonymous with all things Tiffany since 1878. The industry pioneer has set the trend for the multitude who has followed in its very large footsteps – today we discuss what Tiffany & Co. can teach us about diamonds.




Tiffany Diamond Ring/Tiffany Setting atop a Tiffany Blue Box(R)

There is no diamond ring style more famous or popular than the Tiffany Setting.


What Tiffany & Co. Can Teach Us About Diamonds


The World’s Most Popular Engagement Ring Style


Charles Lewis Tiffany was responsible for the creation of the world’s most classic and popular engagement ring style, the famous Tiffany Setting. The Tiffany Setting was the modern-day solution to the problem of the widespread bezel setting for diamond rings. Before the introduction of the Tiffany Setting in 1886, diamonds were set in bezels, which covered all of the diamond except for the top, otherwise known as the crown. This perceived design flaw concealed much of the diamond’s radiance and beauty. The Tiffany Setting, on the other hand, was specially designed to lift the diamond from the band to show off the diamond from all angles while nestled securely in six slender prongs.


You Pay a High Price for an Established Brand Name


Diamonds are diamonds, regardless of where they’re purchased from. With a Tiffany diamond, however, consumers are paying considerably more for the Tiffany brand and reputation. In an experiment performed by ABC’s Good Morning America in October 2005, one reporter purchased a diamond ring from both Tiffany and Costco to find out which store provided better value. The Tiffany diamond was just over one carat with an F color grade and had very slight flaws. The GMA reporter paid $16,600 for the diamond and Tiffany setting. One appraiser determined this Tiffany diamond would sell for $10,500 at a generic diamond jewelry store. That is a nearly 60 percent price difference.


The Most Popular Diamond Shape


The round brilliant cut remains a classic and timeless diamond shape, particularly for the Tiffany setting. The beauty and brilliance of the round brilliant cut diamond and the simple elegance of the solitaire Tiffany setting make a harmonious union that stays relevant no matter the time period.



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