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Stumped? The Man’s Guide to Gift Giving

Gift giving can cause a lot of stress for some couples and the pressure of finding the perfect present can take away all the fun.  If you want to impress someone special in your life and ensure she stays with you after the important day, follow these guidelines and give a gift she will love.

Imagination is crucial when gift giving because women appreciate the thought and uniqueness. Personalization- not the obvious hand towel with initials- is key to giving a gift that is cherished.  Women want to know that you understand what makes them special so a gift that has meaning to your specific relationship and her distinctive interests will be more likely to guarantee her happiness.  Check out the ideas below:

An Excursion: Does she have a favorite hobby, band, or designer?  Don’t just put an item in a box and wrap it.  Take it to the next level and plan a trip to accompany your recipe book, concert ticket, or handbag.  It’s easy to buy tickets for a show or festival that is close to home but why not make it a getaway and choose a wine and cheese tasting in another city?  If she has been dreaming of a fancy wallet or purse, stuff it with photos of the B&B you booked or a spa treatment she would love.  Women enjoy receiving tangible gifts so if you plan a romantic day at a lodge with elegant dining and couple friendly events, don’t just give her the computer printout of a reservation.  Put it inside a box with the pretty new scarf she has had her eye on. Sites like can help you find and plan the perfect place to take her with tips, deals, and reviews.

couple walking in autumn


Jewelry: Ethan, a newly engaged thirty-something, says, “Jewelry is the best gift because it lasts forever.  If you get her a shirt or something it will go out of style.  Plus jewelry retains or gains value.”  Jewelry as an investment is heavily debated, but if you purchase a quality piece with fine gems and metals, your chances are obviously higher. Colored diamonds make the perfect unique gift idea.  Women love diamonds and with plenty of colors to choose from, you can find a piece she is sure to adore.  Pink diamonds are a great option because they are feminine and come in many shades.  A lighter pink diamond or brown- pink can be more affordable while still looking pink to the eye.  If you want to spoil your lady, a fancy intense pink diamond will cost you a pretty penny but is likely worth the look on her face.  No matter the color, a pink diamond necklace will probably be more than well received.  Yellow diamonds are another fabulous option for an important gift.  Often referred to as canary diamonds, yellow diamonds are popular among celebrities and fashionistas alike.  If you gift a pair of yellow diamond earrings, she is sure to let you off the hook a little easier next time you quarrel.  Take the idea of fine jewelry one step further and design your own piece–now that is romantic.

Pink Diamond Pendant

Fancy Pink Purple Diamond Pendant

Yellow Diamond Earrings

Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond Earrings

Do Good Gifts: Shopping with a conscience is bigger than ever and the woman in your life will appreciate a gift she loves that also gives back.  Consider buying items that are “fair trade”, made of recycled materials, or in support of a cause.

 Leather and Woven Clutch

Voyage Blush Clutch

This leather and woven clutch by Sseko Designs  is handmade in Africa.  The company’s mission is to provide employment and scholarship opportunities to women pursuing their dreams and overcoming poverty.

Hand Painted Round Mahogany Box

Woman Warrior Srikandi Mahogany box

The hand painted mahogany wood box pictured above is available at, a site dedicated to their suppliers’ happiness by providing fair prices, no binding contracts, and the freedom to make a success of their craft by building a sustainable business.

Consider the stage of your relationship, her taste preferences, and your budget before selecting a gift.  Make sure that the level of commitment you share matches the value and meaning of your gift idea.  You don’t necessarily want to start giving diamond jewelry if you are not yet exclusively dating or just traded pet names. Likewise, you do not want to hand her a gift card if you have been saying the “L-word” for 6 months now.  Identifying her style may not be easy if you are not fashion-forward yourself but feel free to ask her close friend or family member about an item before purchasing. Finally, stay budget friendly. If you have the money to spend, I’m sure your girl would love to be a little spoiled but if you aren’t rolling in the dough, then make the thought count. Happy shopping!

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  1. Susan G. says:

    Very true! I would certainly wouldn’t mind a gift card or printed itinerary if it came in a nice box!