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6 Facts About Natural Blue Diamonds You Should Know

There’s no question that natural blue diamonds are exceedingly rare and encountered very infrequently in nature and on the diamond market. It’s not surprising, then, that blue diamonds command very high prices

Why The 4Cs Don’t Entirely Apply to Colored Diamonds

The 4Cs of diamonds have all but been drilled relentlessly into everyone’s heads by now. They of course stand for cut, carat, color and clarity, and are the basis on which the

How to Use a Loupe: The Guide to Grading Diamonds Like a Pro

A diamond loupe is a gemologist’s best friend. If you’re new to the world of diamonds and diamond jewelry, the first thing you’ll want to familiarize yourself with – perhaps even before

Jewel Review: Rare Colored Diamonds At Auction

This year’s fine diamond auction season kicked off on a shining note, with a select few fancy colored diamonds stealing the headlines once again. Pink diamonds were naturally the crème de la

Is a Picasso Painting Worth More Than a 60 Carat Pink Diamond?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you likely heard by now that a 1955 painting by Pablo Picasso fetched a staggering – and record-setting – $179.4 million including fees at

9.75 Carat Vivid Blue Diamond to Hit Sotheby’s Auction Block on November 20

A 9.75 carat VVS2, possibly Internally Flawless, pear-shaped Fancy Vivid Blue diamond will serve as the highlight of a Sotheby’s New York auction scheduled for November 20. The remarkable diamond, along with

A Diamond Color Grading Machine Has Become A Reality

Do you repeatedly encounter conflict over the exact color a given diamond ought to be graded? The frustration may very well end soon. The company ImaGem has produced a diamond color grading

Not All Diamonds Are Fancy

Diamonds can be considered “fancy” for two reasons: shape and color. Defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as: not plain or ordinary, the term “fancy” is an adjective that dealers and jewelry lovers

What Are Black Diamonds?

Black diamonds are the least understood of all classes of colored diamonds. As mysterious as their physical appearance is, their origin and background are even more so. Black diamonds, or carbonados, bear

What are Yellow Diamonds Called?

    Colored diamonds often receive secondary names coined by the trade and yellow diamonds are a shining example. The ins and outs of all diamond terminology are confusing to many and