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If your significant other got down on one knee and presented a ring to propose marriage, then you’re probably super pumped about your new bling. EEEEEE! And in the age of social

11 Chic Nail Art Designs To Show Off Your Engagement Ring

Congratulations! You just got engaged, or you’re about to, and you want to show off your new bling –right? We’ve got you covered with these awesome manicures to get you prepped for all

The Ultimate Guide To Engagement Ring Styles

It’s a tough decision -What ring you will wear for the rest of your happy marriage. So how do you know where to start? Well, if you are just dreaming, browsing or

These Black Diamond Engagement Rings Will Make You Rethink Your Ring

If you haven’t already jumped on the colored diamond bandwagon, these 4 black diamond engagement rings may just help you take the leap.  Their color is mysterious, their origin is mystical and

How Well Do You Know Your Celebrity Engagement Rings?

Celebrities are getting engaged all the time and within days, or even hours, their newest jewels are posted everywhere for everyone to gawk at and admire. Do you fancy yourself an expert

These Unique Engagement Rings Will Change Your Mind About Diamonds

Are you adamant about not having a diamond featured as the main attraction of your future engagement ring? Or perhaps you really can go either way about whether you will have a

5 Affordable Engagement Rings For The Kim K In All Of Us

  If you have a taste for big jewelry and diamonds, but a limited wallet, ring shopping can be difficult.  We’ve helped you out a bit by finding some stunning bling on

Engagement Rings: An Insider’s Look

In case you missed our first Google+ Live Hangout On Air, you can view it below!   An Inside Look At Engagement Rings   Stacy from How He Asked and Lia from

Our First Hangout: Engagement Ring Trends

We are thrilled to announce our first Google+ Live Hangout On Air! An expert panel is joining us tomorrow, September 23, at 3PM to discuss all the latest engagement ring trends and