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9 Engagement Ring Pictures Perfect For Instagram

If your significant other got down on one knee and presented a ring to propose marriage, then you’re probably super pumped about your new bling. EEEEEE! And in the age of social

How Long Will It Take You to Save for the Ring of Your Dreams?

You may be in a serious relationship and contemplating marriage in the future. Or maybe you just love jewelry and can’t wait to get engaged.  And maybe still, you are hoping for

How Big Should Your Diamond Be?

Do you like to be conservative and understated? Perhaps you enjoy the best that luxury has to offer. Maybe you really just like to fit in effortlessly.  This quiz will tell you

What Engagement Ring Style Are You?

Are you a strongly independent yet sweetly romantic Art Deco ring or a Classic Solitaire with good taste and style?  Perhaps you’re an unexpected Unique engagement ring or a trendy Modern Halo.

What Not to Say When Your Friend Shows You Her Diamond Ring

Isn’t it so exciting how all of your friends are getting engaged?!  One after another, just falling into the arms of their own Prince Charmings.  Oh the romance!  Oh the sweetness! But

Don’t Buy The Wrong Engagement Ring: An Expert’s Guide

  We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again- wear jewelry that speaks to your unique style.  Why should an engagement ring be any different?   Couples are now shopping together

3 Ways To Keep Your Engagement Ring Clean Without Spending A Dime

The moment has come and you said, “YES”- Congratulations! You love your engagement ring…Now how do you care for such a beautiful piece of jewelry?   Affordable Ways to Clean Your Engagement

How To Keep An Engagement Ring Secret

You found the woman of your dreams and made the decision to ask for her hand in marriage.  You’ve done your research and spent the time and money on a ring you

5 Things You Probably Already Own That Are Bigger Than Kim’s New Diamond

Yeezus, that’s an impressive diamond! We are in awe of large celebrity diamonds because they come with massive price tags and blind us with crazy sparkle.  Kim Kardashian’s 15 carat cushion cut