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The Best Jewelry Push Presents For Every New Mom

The rise of the push present trend has left some partners scrambling for the perfect gift. It seems that the majority of these tokens take the form of jewelry because it is

These Unique Engagement Rings Will Change Your Mind About Diamonds

Are you adamant about not having a diamond featured as the main attraction of your future engagement ring? Or perhaps you really can go either way about whether you will have a

All About Emeralds

Emeralds have been prized for their rich green color for centuries.  When emeralds were first mined in Egypt, Cleopatra and others believed that the stones possessed powers and would wear them for

7 Myths About Emeralds, Busted!

Emeralds have been treasured by man since the Egyptians first mined them around 330 BC.  Since then, the beautiful green gem has been surrounded by legend and lore.  Prized for its rich

It’s Easy Being Green: Emeralds and Diamonds

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Diamond Envy! St. Patrick’s Day fashion is about all things green! Those who celebrate with a little glamour often wear their emeralds, green diamonds and other green