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Which Victoria Beckham Ring Are You?

  It seems like Victoria Beckham changes her engagement ring like she changes her hair style.  We can be surprised by a new one at any moment. By our count, she has

Express Yourself: The Custom Engagement Ring Trend

As consumers, we have this burning desire to customize our cars, clothes, and computers.  We want to have the newest, the best and the most unique.  And it seems you can now

How Big Should Your Diamond Be?

Do you like to be conservative and understated? Perhaps you enjoy the best that luxury has to offer. Maybe you really just like to fit in effortlessly.  This quiz will tell you

What Not to Say When Your Friend Shows You Her Diamond Ring

Isn’t it so exciting how all of your friends are getting engaged?!  One after another, just falling into the arms of their own Prince Charmings.  Oh the romance!  Oh the sweetness! But

The Surprising New Trend Among Today’s Women

Today’s Women Don’t Need Men To Sparkle. Women are known for expressing their personalities through their sense of style and 2014 is no different.  Young, single women with disposable income have brought

Your Guide to Buying an Engagement Ring

How to Buy an Engagement Ring – The Definitive Guide   By Mary James   Tips on Buying an Engagement Ring   There is no one-size fits all design for the perfect