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Are You A Champagne Diamond or Chocolate Diamond?

Here at Diamond Envy, we love champagne and we LOVE chocolate.  We also love them in the form of colored diamonds! A champagne diamond is typically a yellow diamond with a hint

The Colored Diamond Debate Continues

  Do you love the femininity of Pink? The vibrancy of Yellow? Or the richness of Champagne? Cast your vote for your favorite colored diamond and let’s see which is the most

What Color is a Diamond?

The mere mention of diamonds is enough to send even the most level-headed among us into a tizzy. Their mesmerizing brilliance and luster have an irrational hold on our eyes. Yet when

Colored Diamond Engagement Rings: Perfect for Your Holiday Proposal?

Yellow Diamonds, Pink Diamonds, Blue Diamonds – Oh my!   The holiday season is the perfect time to pop the question.  Full of love and warmth, family gatherings, and time away from