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The Surprising New Trend Among Today’s Women

Today’s Women Don’t Need Men To Sparkle.

Women are known for expressing their personalities through their sense of style and 2014 is no different.  Young, single women with disposable income have brought a great deal of attention to high-end fashion choices. Armed with college degrees and a greater presence in more lucrative careers, women are closing the wage gap.  Independent women of today aren’t waiting around for Prince Charming to spoil them with expensive things –they know what they want, and they get it for themselves.

No Prince Charming

No Fairy Tale Necessary

Recent data shows that the average age for American women to get married has reached a historic high of 27 years old.  This jump paired with the trend among women to wait until their 30s to have children means that less responsibility can lead to more fun –right? Well, with only one mouth to feed and a great career track, all the single ladies are living it up!

Professional women are splurging on red-soled heels, designer dresses, and fancy jewelry to treat themselves for their hard work.  No man required.  While the idea of a romantic partnership is still on the brain, it is not the end of the road for today’s fashionable woman.  She can afford a fun lifestyle and enjoys the feeling of success.

Now, we understand that many women are not relying on a man for support, have financial freedom and desire luxury goods. So it is no surprise that they are not waiting around for diamonds!  No bended knee, no engagement ring, no proposal needed.  Women are choosing to buy bling for themselves and wearing it with pride.  Earrings and pendants are obvious choices that can be worn for any occasion.  But diamond rings are the new trend for unmarried women.

Diamond rings come in all shapes, sizes and styles.  Most of us automatically think of the diamond engagement ring, but you can rock a diamond of any style on any digit.

multicolor diamond ring

A multicolor diamond ring is the perfect ring to wear everyday.

The right hand ring was made popular back in the early 2000s and public figures like Katie Couric of The Today Show endorsed the idea of women buying their own diamond ring instead of waiting for a man to propose. But don’t limit yourself to the typical right hand ring.  There are tons of interesting designs to complement your unique fashion sense that can be worn on either hand, any finger.

If a diamond ring is your first diamond purchase or you have a collection and are looking to expand, remember to keep quality and budget in mind. If you are treating yourself to diamonds and you are not an experienced shopper, check out our educational information so you can make sure you buy the best you can budget and are 110% satisfied with your investment for years to come.

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One Response to The Surprising New Trend Among Today’s Women

  1. Sarah says:

    This is a super cool article. Women don’t need to wait around for a man to have pretty diamond jewelry!