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Spotlight On: Petite Diamond Jewelry Under $1500

natural brown champagne chocolate diamond rings

Jewelry fashion is always evolving and exciting trends have emerged and grown. One of our most favorite trends? Diamonds for everyday wear! You don’t have to save your bling for a fancy night out or a once-in-a-while formal affair anymore.  You can rock your sparkling rocks all over town from morning until night and look amazing in any outfit. We’ve seen and admired stylish women at yoga class in their diamond tennis bracelets, those at the grocery store wearing a diamond pendant and doctors treating our flu symptoms in their shiny diamond earrings.


There’s no stopping us now.


This trend makes total sense to me. Why spend good money on gorgeous diamond jewelry and only wear it a few times a year? What a waste of great taste! There are some guidelines though. Elizabeth Taylor may have pulled off the “dripping in diamonds” look at 12 noon, but for most of us, less is more. Of course, if the occasion calls for it, get decked out. But if it’s just another typical day, keep it simple.




natural champagne diamond necklace

Champagne Diamond Pendant $850


Petite diamond jewelry is ideal for daily wear.  It’s beautiful, chic and affordable. Buying diamonds on a budget doesn’t have to be an impossible task. There are stunning options available that are perfect for your everyday look and with a price tag under $1500!



Champagne or “chocolate” diamonds are a great option for everyday diamond jewelry that won’t empty your wallet. (The term chocolate, referring to brown diamonds with dark/rich color is a registered trademark of LeVian® – to learn more about the shades of brown diamonds and their alternative names, read this post.)


chocolate diamond ring

“Chocolate” Diamond Swirl Ring – $1,085

chocolate diamond stud earrings

“Chocolate” Diamond Stud Earrings – $610

chocolate diamond ring in rose gold

Champagne Diamond Ring – $800



Remember, smaller sizes, fun designs and colored diamonds like yellow and brown make excellent options for everyday wear. They can be dressed up or down and won’t break the bank. So keep calm and sparkle!



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