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Our Predictions for the Hottest Trends of 2015

2015 trend predictions

2014 was a great year in fashion. (We’re looking at you crop tops!)  It was colorful, fun and full of evolving trends.  Some of these will continue into the New Year and some will sadly see their demise. One trend I’m glad is over? The bold printed legging. Oh, you liked them? Sorry, I’m not sorry.


2015 will bring us a lot of changes.  Perhaps we will stray from the skinny jean.  Maybe we will embrace the “ath leisure” look during the work week.  It will certainly be an interesting year for fashion, and hopefully a great one for you personally!  Cheers to the New Year!


bold printed leggings

Just don’t.




Five of our Favorite 2015 Trend Predictions



Brown is the New Black

The basic neutral that everyone reaches for first might just be brown next year. Black has been the undisputed champion for decades, but the warmer tones of rich chocolate and mahogany will win over the wardrobes of many.  Visit Pantone for more info on the best colors of 2015.

pantone color trends spring 2015

Brown pairs quite nicely with this warm palette.


Mismatched Earrings


The idea gained some momentum this year but it hasn’t quite gotten the fashionista status it will in 2015. It looks cool AND you can wear two of your favorite earrings at one time. Wear one stud and one hoop or dangle for an extra funky look.


mismatched earrings



Obi Belts


They’re flattering and can be easily added to any outfit. Forget the resolution you made to hit the gym, instantly slim your look with this chic belt option.


obi belt trend


Comfy Shoes


Sneakers, flats, slides – you name it.  Comfortable footwear is here to stay in the new year. Fashion icons opted for the look in 2014, but this hot trend will take the masses by storm and your feet will thank you.  Follow Eva Chen for more inspiration.


comfy shoes flats sneakers

Eva Chen, EIC of Lucky Magazine and true fashionista, rocks the comfortable shoe trend in 2014.


One Shoulder Tops


Forget showing off your legs. Shoulders are sexy in 2015.  The one shoulder look will be popular on both casual and formal tops and dresses.


one shoulder tops and dresses


What are your 2015 trend predictions?

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