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Knockout Fancy Intense Pink Diamond Ring

Pink diamond lovers–here’s one for you:

A Fabulous Pink Diamond Ring

7.25 Carat Fancy Intense Pink Diamond Ring in 18K Two-Tone Gold

This knockout ring features a 3.56 ct. Fancy Intense Pink diamond! An additional 3.69 carats of diamonds surround the center stone.


Here’s a little background to help you understand the center stone a little better. Most natural pink diamonds have secondary or modifying colors–purple and brown being the most common. Finding a diamond with a pure pink diamond color grade is very, very rare. Almost as rare as a pure pink diamond is finding a natural colored diamond with the perfect amount of color.  What is the perfect amount of color?  This is usually defined as strong saturation with a medium tone–not too dark, not too faint, with lots and lots of vivid color!  The GIA gives the intensity grades “vivid” or “intense” to most diamonds with what we just defined as the perfect amount of color.


So what do we love about this particular Fancy Intense Pink Diamond?  That it’s a whopping 3.56 ct. fancy intense pink diamond!  A rare size, rare color, rare intensity diamond–now that’s a triple threat.


Click the image above for more information.


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2 Responses to Knockout Fancy Intense Pink Diamond Ring

  1. Jessica says:

    Thanks for the pink diamond education! This really is a beautiful ring.

  2. Susan G. says:

    Total knockout! Please keep posting more pictures like this.