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What Color Looks Good with Pink Diamonds?

Color is a funny thing; it only exists as a result of the interaction between wavelengths of light and light receptors.  Aristotle wrote that “when light falls upon another color, then, as a result of this new combination, it takes on another nuance of color.”  This is certainly true of colored diamonds and how their color is affected by their settings.


For this experiment, I took four different pink diamonds–a fancy pink diamond with no overtones, a fancy pink diamond with orange overtones, a fancy intense pink diamond with an equal amount of purple color, and a fancy pink diamond with a brown overtone–and photographed them on six different colored backgrounds.  Colors that oppose each other on the color wheel, for example, red and green, blue and orange, purple and yellow, are called complementary colors because of how pleasant we find those combinations.  It was interesting to see how using different colored backgrounds either enhanced or washed away the color of each of the pink diamonds we used.  This was especially true about every image with a yellow background–those pink diamonds appeared heavily purple.


Pantone color wheel

Pantone color wheel

Pure Fancy Pink Diamond


pink diamond on different color backgrounds: green, pink, light blue, white, pale pink, light yellow

fancy pink diamond on green, pink, blue, white, pale pink, and yellow backgrounds


Here is a 0.92 carat radiant cut natural fancy pink diamond with no secondary modifying colors.  The pure pink looks strongest against the green background.  If you like a more purple look to your pinks, the yellow background on the far right would be your pick.


Fancy Orangy Pink Diamond


orangy pink diamond against different colors

fancy orangy pink diamond on green, pink, blue, white, pale pink, and yellow backgrounds


This next diamond is a 0.26 carat pear shape natural fancy orangy pink.  The orange overtone looks strongest in the third image, when the diamond is against a light blue background.  This is because of the strong relationship between orange and blue.  In an interesting twist, where the diamond is against a green background, the pink color is the strongest and it almost looks like a fancy pink diamond without any overtone.


Intense Purple Pink Diamond


fancy intense purple pink diamond

fancy intense purple pink diamond on green, pink, blue, white, pale pink, and yellow backgrounds


Now here’s where things start to get a little crazy.  This diamond is a 0.29 carat radiant cut natural fancy intense purple pink.  Which color background do you like best?  The yellow background all the way on the right certainly makes the color look the most unique–a deep purple fighting with a bright pink.  Very orchid-like.  The fifth background, which is a pale pink, brings out a lot of the purple in the color.  If I wanted to show off how purple this purple pink diamond is, I would certainly set it in rose gold or with a pink diamond halo.


Fancy Brownish Pink Diamond


natural fancy brownish pink against different colors

fancy brownish pink diamond on green, pink, blue, white, pale pink, and yellow backgrounds


This last example is a 0.63 carat pear shape natural fancy brownish pink diamond.  It’s a matter of taste, but I think the pale pink background makes this diamond look outstanding.  I would certainly set this diamond with a halo of pink diamonds!  Isn’t it amazing how purple it looks against the yellow background?


Diamonds may come in many different colors with different overtones and intensities, but you can still customize a natural diamond’s color further by playing around with different settings.


blue diamond ring

The pink diamond halo makes the blue diamond center in this engagement ring pop even brighter.


Jewelry is an amazing expression of art created with beautiful, nature-made materials.  Just like with any form of art, it is fun to play with color and see what you end up with!  From your imagination to our studio and onto your finger.


If you’d like to learn more about this rare diamond color, read our expert guide to fancy pink diamonds for buyers and investors.

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