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The Oscars Red Carpet: Best Colored Diamond Jewelry Moments

The 2014 Academy Awards are upon us and boy are we excited to see the diamond jewelry that will be sparkling on the actresses we adore!  Fancy colored diamonds have been gracing the red carpet for years and we can’t help but gush over the amazing jewelry worn by beautiful celebrities to the Oscars in years past.  In honor of this year’s event, we celebrate the jewels worn to the glamorous award show starting with the year 2002.


Orange Diamonds


We know the hair cut, we know the dress and we know the movie.  But did you know that Halle Berry wore the 5.54 carat pumpkin diamond to the 2002 Oscars?  A fancy vivid orange diamond with striking color, the stunning stone is estimated to be worth $3 million.  Halle wore it, set in a ring, on her pinky finger when she accepted her gold statue for best actress in Monster’s Ball.


Halle Berry Pumpkin Diamond Ring 2002 Oscars


Brown Diamonds


Back in 2010, Amanda Seyfried wore 250-carats (OMG!) worth of brown, champagne and mint colored diamond jewelry by the famous Lorraine Schwartz. The button style earrings and ring were on the simpler side, while the thick, stacked bracelets made an impressive statement.


fancy colored diamond bracelets

Check out that bling!

Multi-Color Diamonds


Another favorite look from the 82nd Academy Awards came from Rachel McAdams.  She rocked a pair of 145 carat natural multi-color diamond cluster earrings.  The large raw diamonds grouped together in different muted shades accent her watercolor gown perfectly.

fancy colored diamond earring


Yellow Diamonds


In 2012, Jessica Chastain walked the walk decked out in pear shaped yellow diamond earrings, stacked yellow diamond bracelets and a bold yellow diamond ring by Harry Winston to accent her gold embroidered gown.  I love this look because the bright hue in these canary diamonds really pop next to her flowing strawberry blonde locks.


Jessica Chastain Yellow Diamond Oscars Jewelry


Argyle Diamonds


Also in 2012, Producer, Livia Firth (wife of Colin Firth) donned a stunning pair of drop style earrings featuring Argyle pink and blue diamonds.  She chose the diamond earrings as a part of her mission to wear only sustainable and ethical fashion during the awards season.


livia firth oscars diamond jewelry



pink and blue diamond earrings



The team here can’t help but wonder what beautiful diamond jewelry we will see on this year’s red carpet and we look forward to tweeting with you live!  Follow us @Diamond_Envy and tweet along with us starting at 5:30PM EST.

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2 Responses to The Oscars Red Carpet: Best Colored Diamond Jewelry Moments

  1. Beth says:

    These looks are definitely some of the best! Did you see those pink diamond earrings on Camilla Alvez this year?! Killer.

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