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7 Myths About Emeralds, Busted!

Emeralds have been treasured by man since the Egyptians first mined them around 330 BC.  Since then, the beautiful green gem has been surrounded by legend and lore.  Prized for its rich color, the emerald is the center of many amazing ancient stories.  It is up to us, the admirers of such fine gemstones, to decide which are true and which are false.  So let’s bust these myths.

Emerald and Yellow Diamond Earrings

7.06 Carat Natural Emerald and Fancy Light Yellow Diamond Earrings in 18K Yellow Gold

1.  Intelligence


Aristotle put his faith in the idea that emeralds help business men speak with cleverness and ease. Men would carry loose emeralds to important meetings so that they might persuade someone to take their side or help them with a new venture.


Busted! – While emerald jewelry may bring the wearer confidence through it’s worth and beauty, there is no research that indicates wearing one will bring you eloquence.


2.  Luck


He also believed that an owner of the gem would win matters of litigation.  Again, men would bring a loose emerald or wear one under their clothing so that the outcome of a serious matter would end in their favor.


Busted! – What if both men in a trial carry emeralds with them?


3.  Health


Aristotle also told men to give the precious gemstone to children to prevent them from falling ill with epilepsy.  Some even believed the emerald could cure diseases like cholera and malaria.


Busted! – With the development of modern science, we now know that proper care and medicine, treats illness.

4.  Clairvoyance


From the time of about the 5th century, people thought that an emerald placed under the tongue allowed one to see the future.


Busted! – The idea of seeing the future is still up for debate, but those who swear by the truth of their ability claim to have the power from birth.  A not by the presence of an emerald.

Natural Cushion Cut Emerald

Natural Cushion Cut Emerald

5.  Honesty


During the same early time period, others believed that an emerald under the tongue could make someone reveal the truth.


Busted! – We performed a little experiment in the office here at  I placed an emerald under my tongue and had a co-worker ask me what I ate for lunch.  I lied with great ease…I didn’t have a healthy salad, I indulged in some yummy pizza!

6.  Protection


And still others said that the emerald would protect the wearer from evil and harmful spells. Mostly worn around the neck, the stone would absorb any ill-will.


Busted! –  Many men and women wear emerald jewelry on a daily basis and yet it does not provide them with a perfect life, free of unfortunate events.

7.  Purity


During the Middle Ages, men believed that women who wore emeralds would remain faithful. However, they did not believe that the same was true for men who donned the gem.


Busted! – There are plenty of women who own emeralds and plenty of women who cheat.  At least one unnamed woman wore an emerald engagement ring and ended her relationship with infidelity. Once is all it takes.


Many still believe that crystals, gems and metals have healing properties to better the body and mind.  But is there proof to these claims or simply stories passed and exaggerated by word of mouth?


To learn more about this gorgeous gemstone, read our expert guide about natural emerald.

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2 Responses to 7 Myths About Emeralds, Busted!

  1. Cayla says:

    Did you really put an emerald under your tongue? Sounds like you all have a lot of fun at work!

  2. Erin says:

    So silly to think that people believed that a stone could make them smarter or help them see the future!