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Do You Know The Difference Between a Necklace, Pendant, Chain and Choker?

Oval cut fancy multicolored pendants on chain

Jewelry lovers are deeply passionate about all sorts of jewelry. Many of us indulge by amassing a sizeable personal collection. But when it comes to a particular type of jewelry – namely, the kind that adorns our necks – do you know the difference between a necklace, pendant, chain and choker? We define each term for you below – from this point on, you can call yourself a neck jewelry authority!


Necklace vs. Pendant
Necklaces, pendants, chains and chokers have one thing in common – they are all accessories meant to be worn around or near the neck. However, there are distinct differences between them that should not be confused or used interchangeably. A necklace is a type of jewelry that is worn around the neck. Many necklaces tend to consist of a metal jewelry chain, primarily gold or silver. Necklaces can also consist of a series of gemstones linked together in the form of a chain. If a necklace features a charm that hangs or dangles from it, that charm is known as a pendant. A pendant is typically attached to a necklace by means of a small loop.

A pear-shaped yellow diamond necklace and pear-shaped yellow diamond pendant comparison.

The jewelry item on the left is referred to as a necklace. The flower-shaped charm on the right is referred to as a pendant.



A jewelry chain refers to a piece of jewelry that is worn around the neck. A pendant can be hung from a chain for added interest and dazzle. A chain differs from a necklace in that a chain is strictly a piece of metal jewelry resembling a fine cable that goes around the neck whereas a necklace can be any decorative piece of jewelry meant to be worn around the neck. It does not have to consist of a chain. Therefore, a chain can be referred to as a necklace but a necklace does not have to be a chain.


Samples of metal jewelry chains

These are all known as chains in the jewelry industry.



Lastly, a choker is a specific type of necklace. A choker tends to hug the neck in a snug manner. It is distinguished by its short length, which is 14 inches to 16 inches long. Because of their abbreviated length, chokers will sit high on the neck.

Nicole Kidman wearing a diamond choker

Nicole Kidman wears a diamond choker on her neck. As a result of its short length, the choker sits high on the wearer’s neck.


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