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Jonathan and Hillary: A Second Chance At The Perfect Proposal

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It all started when I was browsing the morning news for interesting articles about diamonds and engagement rings. I often look for cool stories I can share with our followers about things like emerging trends or a crazy diamond encrusted electronic device. Well, I was doing my normal reading when I came upon the report of a sweet couple whose engagement story was ruined.  And it broke my heart. Every couple deserves the romantic moment they dream about.


CBS46 in Atlanta, GA, aired a segment about Jonathan and Hillary’s proposal gone wrong. And this isn’t one of those -the groom fell on his face while dancing in a flash mob- stories. This is the sad story of a thief breaking into Jonathan’s car and snatching the engagement ring, moments before his marriage proposal.


He planned an amazing day including a helicopter ride and a visit to Lake Lanier, dinner and a movie, and of course, the big proposal. As they approached the car (where the ring was tucked away,) Jonathan noticed that someone had broken in the top window. When he got emotional about the whole situation, Hillary found out about the stolen ring and foiled proposal.


I couldn’t stand to think that this admirable Marine veteran and his loving partner would have to tell this story instead of the perfect proposal they deserve.  So I got busy and started contacting anyone involved. I visited their GoFundMe page (graciously set up by the helicopter pilot to help Jonathan get a new ring) and the news reporter, Will Frampton. I was put in touch with Jonathan and the plan was set in motion.  Diamond Envy would provide Jonathan with a yellow diamond engagement ring and he would set up another special day for his bride-to-be.


So on February 6th, Hillary was treated to her dream proposal. Although the couple opted to keep the details private (and who can blame them?) Jonathan did share some photos and had this to say about it, “She loves it. Thank you again so much for your help and support. She’s a happy girl. ;)”


Proposal Story Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Photo thanks to Purposed Preservations Photography


The team at Diamond Envy would like to thank our brave military men and women for their service.  We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to help Jonathan and Hillary express their love and wish them all the best in their future together.




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3 Responses to Jonathan and Hillary: A Second Chance At The Perfect Proposal

  1. Alex says:

    This is absolutely amazing :) Congratulations to Hillary and Jonathan and way to go Diamond Envy!!!

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