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How To Keep An Engagement Ring Secret

You found the woman of your dreams and made the decision to ask for her hand in marriage.  You’ve done your research and spent the time and money on a ring you are proud to present her.  Now how do you keep the engagement ring (and the proposal) a surprise?


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Keep An Engagement Ring Secret


Seth Rogen’s proposal story is a great one to share as a tale of caution to those impulsive types out there. Seth was so nervous about having the bling on him after picking it up from the jeweler and too excited to wait (very sweet), that he ended up proposing as soon as he returned home. If you missed that episode of Conan then you may be asking yourself what the fuss is about. Well his lovely wife has to tell everyone that he popped the question while she was getting dressed and topless in their closet.  If that’s not how you picture it going down, and you want to give your future bride a romantic proposal story, take a deep breath and remember that you can have a plan and stick to it.


Hiding the ring somewhere safe is key and having this place in mind BEFORE picking it up is a must. For starters, don’t stash it in your sock drawer! Women who suspect you could be preparing a proposal may start snooping and this is the obvious spot to check. Instead, think about putting the ring up high, so she is unlikely to stumble upon it.  You can also ask a family member to hold it at their home since she will not typically scour every inch for dust bunnies or her lost car keys.  If you have a safety deposit box that is your own, we highly recommend the engagement ring be placed there.  It will be secure and out of your girlfriend’s reach.


If you plan to propose during travel, there are some extra things you want to consider. Get the ring insured and take photos of it before the trip so if the worst happens, you can still file a claim. Always pack the ring in a carry on and never leave it unattended.  Stash it in an interior zipper pocket if possible so you know it is secure.


Wherever you choose to hide it and however you plan to propose, just make sure it will be safe and good luck! We’re rooting for you!


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3 Responses to How To Keep An Engagement Ring Secret

  1. Dina Silverberg says:

    It took longer for my ring to be made than my husband was expecting, and it wasn’t ready until the day he planned on proposing (which was immutable since it was our anniversary). Since he had your typical medical intern’s schedule, which is 5 12-hour shifts a week, his dad actually drove into the city, picked up the ring, and dropped it off at his apartment an hour before my husband got home. He got home, changed into a tux (so cute, right?), took the ring, and drove over to pick me up for our date. I think the ring was in his pocket for maybe 45 minutes before he proposed.

  2. Josh says:

    I’m planning on traveling to propose. Do you have any advice on where to hide the ring in the hotel?

    • Emily says:

      Great question, Josh!

      My advice- Propose on the first day of your trip. This way you can spend the rest of the trip in romantic bliss! If that isn’t part of the plan, I’d say keep it in a safe at the hotel so you aren’t worrying about it. Most places offer a safe in each room. Sneak it in there while she is busy touching up her make-up or stepped out to get ice.

      Best wishes!