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Your Guide to Buying an Engagement Ring

How to Buy an Engagement Ring – The Definitive Guide


By Mary James


Tips on Buying an Engagement Ring


There is no one-size fits all design for the perfect engagement ring for any specific bride-to-be.  The best engagement rings match the personalities of the women wearing them.  Choosing a single piece of jewelry that your fiancee will want to wear forever can seem like a daunting task.  Instead of focusing on choosing a ring that will never go out of style, focus on choosing a ring that your significant other will love forever.  Remember that it is not uncommon for women to take their original rings to the jeweler to either alter the rings or turn the rings into different pieces of jewelry such as pendants for necklaces after receiving a new ring upon renewing wedding vows.  There are few rules in choosing the perfect ring.  In fact, the perfect ring might have an unconventional stone.


Semi-precious stones and colored gem stones


According to, a number of semi-precious stones can also be a modern take on a classic or vintage engagement ring.  Semi-precious stones include almost all colored gems with the exception of sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and diamonds.  Semi-precious stones can offer a unique chance to create a truly unique ring with lots of sentimental value.  Opals, peridots, and amethysts would all fall under the category of semi-precious stones.  One thing to consider when choosing a semi-precious stone for an engagement ring is the sentimental value that many people associate with semi-precious stones.  For example, a light green peridot could be the birth stone to someone special in your fiancees life.  Gem stones can be used to make a bold statement or as part of the design of a more traditional ring.  A little color can add just the right amount of personality to match the personality of your fiancee.

emerald and diamond ring

Different types of diamonds


Almost everyone is familiar with classic white diamonds used in wedding jewelry.  However, a diamond can be a number of different colors, cuts, and hues.  For example, a purple or yellow princess-cut diamond can be modern twist on a classic ring. It is also important to remember that many rings have multiple stones that make a single stunning ring.

Purplish Pink Diamond Ring


How to tell what stone is right for your fiancee with 100% certainty


One of the easiest ways to be absolutely certain that you will choose the right engagement ring for your fiancee is to ask her what she wants.  Some women prefer a classic diamond, but other women prefer a more modern design with an unconventional stone.  Many couples enjoy shopping for rings together as a phenomenal start to their new lives together.  It is important to note that asking her family or friends for advice can be risky.  Family and friends might find the news too exciting to keep a secret, or they might not know exactly what she wants.  If you feel uneasy, take the opportunity to include your fiancee in the ring selection process.  Select the perfect stone together to create the perfect ring.


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