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Get Rid of Tangled Necklaces Once and For All With This Easy Trick

If you are one of those women who come home after a long day at work or a crazy night out and tosses her jewelry on the bed-side table, you might have a jumbled mess of knotted necklaces.  Don’t worry – you are not alone!  When you find yourself frustrated and close to tears because your favorite chain is in a ball with 4 other necklaces, do not panic.

necklaces knotted together



Fix Tangled Necklaces With One Simple Trick


Take a deep breath and remember these simple tips:

Unclasp the ends of all the necklaces (if possible) and dab a few drops of baby oil onto each knot.  Use a straight pin to gently pull each end free.  If you have a particularly chaotic jumble, you might want to use two pairs of tweezers to grasp the chains and pull since our fingers can be too large and clumsy to get a good hold.  Make sure that you have good lighting and plenty of patience.

necklace rack


I grew tired of fighting with my jewelry and running late because I couldn’t wear the necklace I had in mind to match my outfit.  My expert tip for preventing the ball of chains in the first place? Buy a jewelry organizer that has hooks for your necklaces or DIY one.  You’ve invested your hard earned money into your collection and they deserve to be displayed and kept in a neat order, in a safe place.


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