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Our Favorite Fall Accessories: 2014


Fall fashion is all about fun in 2014.  We’re seeing lots of color, texture and sparkle.  The runways were full of embellished shoes, crystallized bags and big, blingy earrings.  We flipped through all the recaps and brought you the standouts in fall accessories for this year.

Favorite 2014 Fall Accessories


And the winners are…



Funky Gloves

fall 2014 gloves

 Wear them to keep warm or wear them just to be bold. Gloves in all lengths and styles are hot this season so break them out of storage and wear them with any outfit.


Blanket Scarves

Burberry blanket scarves

The scarf is always a valued asset during the cooler months, but this year, the blanket scarf is all the rage.  It is comfortable and cozy, plus it’s a chic way to keep warm no matter where you go.


Bucket Bags

fall 2014 bucket bags

These carry-alls are great for lugging all your necessities and since they haven’t been the “it” bag for a while, you have an excuse to go shopping (like we need one!)


Oversize Clutches

fall 2014 oversize clutches

When we think about clutches, we often think about the limitations we face when it comes to stuffing them. But have no fear, this fall, the oversize version is popular, so you can cram some more goodies in there.


Statement Rings

fall 2014 statement rings

Big jewelry was a common theme on the runway for this season but our favorites were the statement rings. Since there is a lot of focus on the hands (thanks to the glove trend and a variety of handbags) we think the bold ring should be your focus.


Stay warm in style for the next few months with these fabulous fall accessories and remember to layer on the sparkle because everything is embellished in 2014! To see the rest of the luxurious trends, check out Vogue’s slideshow dedicated to fall 2014.

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