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The Boyfriend’s Guide to Guessing Her Ring Size…and Getting It Right!

You found a wonderful woman and are now ready to spend the rest of your life with her by your side.  You have figured out the right budget, ring style, jeweler –but how do you buy the correct ring size to fit her finger?  We can offer a few suggestions that should help you on your quest into the unknown.


Tips on Finding Out Your Lady’s Ring Size


The simplest option is to ask her friends or family.  If she has been dreaming about marriage for a while, she has likely talked about her engagement ring desires to someone close to her.  If you plan for the proposal to be a surprise, make sure you ask someone who won’t spill the beans to the lovely bride-to-be.


The second option requires a little more dedication.  Pay attention to the jewelry she is already wearing.  Does she have a ring that fits on her left ring finger or even her middle finger that she loves? If so, wait for her to remove it and secretly take it to a jeweler to be sized.  If she only takes it off to work out or shower and you have limited access to the ring, buy a bar of soap and press the ring in to make a mold.  Your jeweler should be able to use the markings to identify the correct ring size.  You can also nab the ring for a few minutes to find her size quickly online.


If you are completely unsure, as a rule of thumb, it is better for the ring to be slightly larger than smaller. This isn’t only because she’ll at least get to take pictures with it on right away, but because having a ring made smaller is a much easier and quick process than making a ring larger.


There are no guarantees that these tips will ensure you buy the exact size ring your new fiancé will need to wear for years to come, but it should get you close enough to purchase a ring that will slide on when you are down on one knee and ask for her hand in marriage.  If the fit is not 100% ideal, don’t stress!  Ring guards can be easily added until you have it resized.


Ring Guard



Some women have thin fingers but larger knuckles so the ring needs to slip over the knuckle but then stay put.  Other women experience what is known as vasodilation, where the blood vessels expand in heat and contract when it is cool, causing the fingers to swell and shrink.  In these cases, you may want to discuss fitting options with your jeweler because they may suggest some additional metal soldered on the base of the band, called sizing beads, to give the ring a better overall fit.


Sizing Beads On Engagement Ring Band



Don’t drive yourself crazy over the size of the ring, after all, proposals are about love and connection, not the object you present.


Best of luck!


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