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Don’t Buy The Wrong Engagement Ring: An Expert’s Guide


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again- wear jewelry that speaks to your unique style.  Why should an engagement ring be any different?


Couples are now shopping together for an engagement ring more than ever before and even if the proposal is a surprise, the bride-to-be has often given input before the ring is purchased.  Since many women have a hand in the selection process, we put together a simple how-to guide for finding the perfect ring.


Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

1.41 Carat Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond Ring in 18K Two-Tone Gold


Tips on Picking The Right Engagement Ring


If you have simple style, favor an elegant and ladylike sense of fashion or consider yourself to be a trendsetter with a taste for the avant-garde, there are plenty of engagement ring designs to satisfy your blingy desires.


1.  Do your research and browse multiple websites and visit a few different jewelers to see what options are available.  There is more than just a one carat round diamond set in white gold so narrow down your likes and dislikes before diving into specifics.


If you happen to be a not-so-traditional fashionista, you may want to consider a white diamond alternative.  Precious gems like sapphires and emeralds are making a splash recently as well as colored diamonds like yellow and pink.


2.  Don’t rush into anything. Think about your preferences over a longer period of time if possible because an engagement ring will likely be your most worn piece of jewelry.


Mull over the color of metal, the type of stone, shape and setting for a few months before committing to a purchase.  You may find that the more you learn, the better your final decision will suit your lifestyle.


3.  We may sound like a skipping record if you keep up with our blog, but determining your budget is extremely important when selecting the perfect engagement ring.  The dollar limit paired with your personal preferences for appearance will help you determine which of the 4C’s will drive your decision.


Unless your budget is unlimited, you may want to be prepared for the “see-saw” affect, or the give and take of diamond shopping.  For example, if you have X amount of money and prefer to have a larger stone, you may have to compromise on the clarity to stay within budget. Alternately, if you want a pink diamond ring, the color will demand most of your budget so you may have limitations when it comes to carat weight.


Remember to keep these three things in mind: research your options, refine your likes/dislikes and set a budget.  If you take your time and listen to your gut, you will find the engagement ring that is perfect for you.


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One Response to Don’t Buy The Wrong Engagement Ring: An Expert’s Guide

  1. Morgan says:

    Budget is so important! I fell in love with an emerald cut ring that was way out of our price range and when I realized that the emerald cuts we could afford were so small, I had to start my search over. Definitely discuss the $ if you and your man are looking together!