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3 Ways To Keep Your Engagement Ring Clean Without Spending A Dime

The moment has come and you said, “YES”- Congratulations! You love your engagement ring…Now how do you care for such a beautiful piece of jewelry?

Oval Cut Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

3.53 Carat Oval Cut Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring with White Diamond Halo in Platinum and 18K Gold


Affordable Ways to Clean Your Engagement Ring


Cleaning your ring can be quite simple and a part of your weekly routine.  If your ring is made up of precious metal and non-porous gems such as diamonds, you can use warm water and mild liquid soap to remove built up lotion, oils and other dirt that may cause your sparkler to look dull or cloudy.  A soft toothbrush will get under the setting and scrub off any grime.  Diamonds, by nature, are attracted to grease (aka oleophilic).  In fact, during the mining process, grease belts are used to separate the rough diamonds from ore.  Because of this property, the grease cutting soap you use in the kitchen can be an inexpensive diamond cleaner you already own!


Another options is to leave the ring to soak about a half hour in equal parts cool water and ammonia, then let it air dry.  The cleaning properties in ammonia will break up the stuck-on dirt and leave it glittering again.


Our most recommended method for cleaning your diamond ring at home is to use a trusted jewelry solution with a dip tray.  An eco-friendly, non-toxic formula is best.  They typically provide a good brush to use and remember to always use a soft cloth for drying so as not to scratch the metal.  Although this option may cost you a few bucks (if it isn’t a freebie from time of purchase), the cleaner should last you many scrubbings.


The best option for cleaning is to take the ring back to your jeweler or another that you know well and have them steam it.  Professional jewelry steamers are not abrasive or damaging and restore the jewelry back to its original shine within a matter of seconds.  If you do return to the store where it was purchased, they will likely clean the ring free of charge.


Professional Jewelry Steamer

Diamond Engagement Ring Cleaned by Professional Jewelry Steamer


In order to keep a ring from getting dirty faster than usual, take it off before applying lotions or while cooking and cleaning.  Obviously you want to keep it safe so have one location that you use when it isn’t on your finger so you know it is not at risk of falling down the drain or getting lost. A fun ring holder is a cute addition to your décor and a smart way to stash your engagement ring.


NOTE: If your engagement ring is made up of more fragile or porous jewels, make sure you look into cleaning recommendations as these tips are ONLY for diamonds. To care for emeralds, read this post.


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