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It’s Easy Being Green: Emeralds and Diamonds

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Diamond Envy!

St. Patrick’s Day fashion is about all things green! Those who celebrate with a little glamour often wear their emeralds, green diamonds and other green gemstones.  If you fancy such beauties, you likely adore their vibrant color.  But have you ever wondered about the stories behind the stones?


Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Emeralds and Green Diamonds

Green Emerald

Green Emerald


Emeralds in particular have a rich history.  Humans have adorned themselves with the special jewel for centuries.  Philosophers of the past believed that wearing emeralds would bring luck and protection.  Aristotle once said that a man who carried an emerald to trial would find the ruling in his favor.  Still today, believers value the stone not only for appearance but for the associated positivity and good fortune. (Lucky four-leaf clover? I’d rather have an emerald!)

Green Diamonds
Round Green Diamond

Round Green Diamond


Green diamonds are not necessarily surrounded by such legends, but they are extremely interesting stones.  They don’t get their color from the presence of another element or irregularities in the carbon bonds, like other colored diamonds such as yellow and pink.  Green diamonds get their color from exposure to radiation during formation. Yes, radiation!  Perhaps the most famous green diamond is the Dresden Green Diamond.  In general, diamonds are often worn to symbolize strength and love.


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  1. Melanie D says:

    The green diamonds are just amazing!