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Real Life Versions of Disney Princess and Villains’ Jewelry


Have you always wanted to be a Disney Princess? Maybe the evil villains spoke to your darker side (after all, we were just kids…we didn’t know any better. Right?) ¬†Well now you can have a jewelry wardrobe like one with this list of options inspired by the Disney classics.


Disney Princess and Disney Villain-Inspired Jewelry









  • JasmineAladdin's main squeeze preferred a bold jewelry style with large gold hoop earrings and a gold choker necklace.
  • Gold Hoop EarringsGet Jasmine's look with these graduated gold hoop earrings. A twist on the basic, they are perfect for everyday wear.
  • Gold Collar NecklaceThis gold chevron collar is a fresh take on the everyday necklace and mimics Jasmine's signature style.
  • Lady TremaineCinderella's evil stepmother had a taste for emeralds. Although her character is quite stuffy, emerald jewelry can range from classic and sophisticated to exciting and modern.
  • Emerald EarringsDisney illustrators often skimped on detail when it came to jewelry design so these square emerald earrings are our new take on the old. Pretty sure Lady Tremaine would have loved to get her hands on these beauties!
  • TianaThe Princess and the Frog's leading lady glammed up the Disney scene recently with her big blue gemstone necklace.
  • The Hope DiamondTo celebrate the anniversary of the donation of the Hope Diamond to the Smithsonian Institution, Harry Winston designed this necklace to showcase the rare blue diamond. And we all know the Hope Diamond is fit for a queen (or princess!)
  • MaleficentThe villian of the classic Disney movie, Sleeping Beauty rocked quite a dramatic ensemble. Her evil look was highlighted with a large black and gold ring seen on her index finger.
  • Black RingThis long oval ring is a less scary, more funky version of the one seen on Maleficent. It can be a great neutral option to dress up any look.
  • The Evil QueenSnow White is one Disney movie that surprisingly lacks jewelry. However, the Evil Queen is always seen wearing a brooch to hold her menacing cape in place.
  • Red DiamondAlthough the illustration looks more like a red gemstone cabachon, we like to think the modern day Evil Queen would rock a red diamond. Surrounded by a bezel of yellow gold, this red diamond would make one expensive pin for a royal villian
  • ArielThe ravishing red head from The Little Mermaid doesn't wear much under water, but once she walks on land and finds her prince, she gets the jewels she always admired.
  • Diamond EarringsA perfect match to the earrings from the wedding scene, these diamond drops are elegant and classic.
  • PocahontasA focal point of the Disney classic, Pocahontas wears her mother's necklace with pride. The striking blue color and unique design grab the viewers attention.
  • Turqoius NecklaceA rough translation of the original design, this turquoise necklace makes a similar statement. The bold color and style make it an updated choice for a chic and fashionable look.
  • BelleA commoner turned princess, Belle embraces simple and classic jewelry.
  • Gold Stud EarringsA timeless option and comfortable to wear 24/7, round gold studs are the ideal earring choice. Belle made them look good in Beauty and the Beast, and you can too!
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