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How To Safely Buy Diamonds Online

When we think about buying high end jewelry, we think of the in-store shopping experience with a jewelry expert showing us all options in our price range, and usually one or two pieces that are a splurge.  Going to a reputable jeweler allows us to see the jewelry up close and personal and ask any questions we may have.  This process provides the peace of mind we want when investing a large sum of money in diamonds or other jewelry.

Can we have the same experience when shopping online? Of course!  Just keep a few things in mind to ensure you are shopping securely.

3.88 Carat Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring in 18K Two-Tone Gold

3.88 Carat Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring in 18K Two-Tone Gold


Ways to Stay Safe While Shopping Online for Diamonds and Diamond Jewelry


1.  Make sure there is customer service department and contact information


This is a great place to start because you can quickly decide if you want to even bother looking around at the retailer’s product.  If there is no phone number or email to send inquiries, you will likely be stuck shopping without assistance and that may lead to a purchase with no buyer’s remorse plan.  We want to have the same experience we would in a store, but we want to be able to do so in our pajamas at 3am if need be.  An FAQ page is great for reference but Customer Service teams are available to answer questions that may not be clear under the product details and make sure you understand the site policies.  A representative will be your point of contact if you are not satisfied once you have the item so this may be just as important as deciding whether you want a pink diamond necklace or yellow diamond earrings.


2.  Research the site policies


Diamonds and other jewelry can be quite expensive online purchases.  You want to be confident in your purchase thanks to the user friendly site and wonderful Customer Service team provided by the retailer you choose.  But what if you get the item home and it is not how you pictured?  Always look into the return/exchange policy and satisfaction guarantees before processing payment.  These policies will give you the opportunity to see the piece at home, try it on, and ultimately change your mind.  Make sure you know how long coverage is provided by these policies because some sites only offer returns or exchanges for a limited time after purchase.


3.  Check for warranties


A big purchase from a reputable dealer, such as a car, comes with a service plan or warranty to protect the buyer from manufacturer defects.  The same thing should apply to your jewelry.  If there is no protection plan, you may be stuck with something that is not worth your investment.  A maintenance plan is also a sign of a trustworthy seller.  This means that they will clean and repair your piece after some wear and tear.


4.  Read the reviews


As consumers, we rely very heavily on the reviews of others.  You listen when your co-worker tells you that the waiter was rude and the food arrived cold at the hip new restaurant across town and likely will not choose to go there for dinner tonight.  Reviews are a great way to judge the quality of product and service you may end up purchasing!  Check around the site to see if there are any customer testimonials and see if they reference the items above. Be sure to also dig around the web a little more because most retailers will not post any negative reviews, so unbiased review sites can be very helpful.


5.   Look for a secure checkout


When you have finished selecting your items and you review your shopping cart, make sure that there is a lock symbol in the browser bar next to the URL.  If you click this symbol, you can read about the security measures in place to protect your identity and payment information.  You can double check this by looking at the URL itself.  On a check out page, the URL should read “” – the “s” is there to notify you the page is secure.


security verified website

Secure Website Logo



6.  Safe shipping


You are spending good money on a lovely piece of jewelry that you have dedicated time to research so confirm that it is shipped to you insured through a dependable service such as FedEx or UPS with a signature required upon receipt.  This may seem like common sense but after all that searching and the excitement of selecting your new piece of jewelry, you may just be a little click happy.  Read the shipping information thoroughly before entering your address and choose a destination that you know will work best for you.

heart shaped pink diamond pendant

Natural 0.68 Carat Fancy Light Pink Diamond Pendant in 18K Two-Tone Gold


Shopping for diamonds online can give you a wider range of options to choose from, better deals, and less hassle.  Follow these guidelines to protect your investment and enjoy your new jewelry for years to come.

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