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Diamond encrusted WHAT?!

Diamonds tend to be synonymous with luxury and wealth, and the seven videos below provide a shocking testament of that association. Watching these videos separately and collectively will indeed make you ask yourself, “Diamond encrusted WHAT?!” From cars to teeth to contact lenses, you name it, and chances are, it’s already been covered (in diamonds at that!).

Bizarre Diamond Encrusted Things


This humorous narration guides us through the various gold and diamond-covered parts of dune buggies at an automobile show in Abu Dhabi. Notable parts made of gold are the shock absorbers, gold hubcaps and gold leaf interiors. Parts covered in diamonds are the dials. All these gold and diamond-encrusted vehicles are essentially “massive jewelry boxes on wheels,” as the narrator wryly observes. The price tag for an automobile of this sort is a cool half a million American dollars. Hence, it’s no surprise these vehicles do not have owners (at the time of the video).

A special diamond-encrusted version of the LG Shine cell phone is worth $30,000 through a partnership between LG and the Canadian jewelry company Birks and is unveiled to commemorate the launch of the LG Shine series.

This video spotlights a diamond-encrusted Ambilight TV from Philips to celebrate the company’s millionth Ambilight TV. As the hostess notes, the 2,200 sparklies embedded in the TV frame are real diamonds and not Swarovski crystals. As such, she mentions the security guards looming nearby with watchful eyes.

Weddings and all their individuals details can be expensive but perhaps none more so than the following essential ingredient: a diamond-studded wedding cake taking part in a bridal show in Beverly Hills worth $20 million. Predictably, no one is allowed to eat this cake or even go near it as a team of uniformed security guard keeps vigilance.

In a perhaps over-the-top move, the hip hop star Kanye West reveals on the talk show “Ellen” that he ripped out his bottom teeth and diamonds implanted in their place. Citing this action as “something that rock stars are supposed to do,” he seems quite nonchalant about his diamond teeth as he already cleans his jewelry with toothpaste.

Gisele Bundchen models a $12.5 million Fantasy bra from Victoria’s Secret. The bra’s main attraction is the 101 carat diamond dangling from the center of the bra. Gisele reports that it took over 300 hours to make the bra.

An eye research company in India keeps a dubious Indian fashion trend going with its newest product: diamond encrusted contacts. The doctor who created the gold-plated diamond encrusted lenses was inspired by his wife who had diamonds in her teeth (perhaps she took her inspiration from Kanye West?). Whether this is a fashion must-have or faux pas is not so clear-cut. There are those who appreciate these over-the-top beauty enhancements while others find them completely creepy. If you’re on the fence, don’t worry – these diamond encrusted contacts aren’t exactly cheap (or disposable). One pair goes for $15,000.

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