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A Diamond Color Grading Machine Has Become A Reality

Natural Fancy Intense Purplish Pink Diamond

Do you repeatedly encounter conflict over the exact color a given diamond ought to be graded? The frustration may very well end soon. The company ImaGem has produced a diamond color grading machine that can actually rate the color of fancy colored diamonds and diamonds containing secondary colors. According to the company’s chairman, Dr. Lalit K. Aggarwal, the new invention processes information taken from thousands of sample diamonds in order to determine fancy color grades.


Diamond Color Grading Machine


ImaGem’s machine, the GL3200, also grades diamonds with secondary colors, among them brown and gray, as well as two-toned diamonds. With the introduction of this machine, Aggarwal aims to allow his creation to give the final word on diamonds that may prompt varying opinions in the secondary color arena. It is a problem he says he has tackled for twenty years. The machine brings added convenience because diamonds can be graded on site, eliminating the need for such stones to be outsourced.


In addition to color, the diamond grading machine assesses fluorescence, light behavior, proportions, symmetry and alignment of shape. It measures 12 inches by 24 inches and can grade 2,400 diamonds a month. A robotic arm loads diamonds into the GL3200, whereupon the diamond enters an automated grading process. The machine functions on digital imaging technology and color science and renders results in mere minutes.

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2 Responses to A Diamond Color Grading Machine Has Become A Reality

  1. Leo says:

    How exciting! I wonder if it will be truly accurate?

  2. Amy says:

    I bet that costs a fortune!