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Design Your Own Jewelry: Stones, Settings and Style

natural fancy colored diamonds

As you probably already know, our designers help clients create their dream engagement ring via the DYO program. But did you know that we can also craft custom earrings, necklaces, pendants bracelets and other rings? That’s right! We can take any loose diamond or emerald (and even mix up a few) to build the jewelry piece of your imagination.


It’s not just a fun experience, it’s a rewarding one too. Of course it’s fun to pick out jewelry in a store or online, but creating a custom item can be an even more thrilling opportunity.


Go Custom! Build Your Own Jewelry Design


loose natural fancy colored diamonds

Find a matched pair of diamonds or emeralds to use as side stones in a ring or as the perfect pair of earrings.


When you design your own jewelry, it’s important to know how to describe your vision, especially if you are artistically challenged, like me! So if you don’t think you can send us a rough sketch (even something basic can start the conversation. We don’t expect you to be Picasso) it’s helpful to describe your idea. The below list of popular terminology will be a big help.



My drawing abilities are extremely limited.



Design Basics


solitaire yellow diamond ring

Solitaire – a single stone



natural emerald necklace

Prongs – the metal that holds a stone



diamond pave

Pave – many stones set closely together, covering a surface



diamond halo

Halo – stones set around a center stone



channel set diamond ring

Channel Set – stones set between two rows of metal with no prongs



bezel set yellow diamond ring

Bezel – metal that surrounds a stone to hold it in place



milgrain detail on jewelry

Milgrain – metal detail that looks like dots



filigree detail on ring

Filigree – fine metal wire shaped into a design




split shank canary diamond ring

Split Shank – a band that divides when it meets the center stones



yellow diamond ring with side stones

Side Stones –additional accent stones used on either side of the center


 The Step By Step


After you do your best to show and tell us what you want, our designers will sketch something basic to ensure we have the gist of it and so more detailed information can be outlined – like metal type, carat weight, number of stones, etc.


natural emerald and yellow diamond earrings

Our designer sketch of spectacular emerald and diamond earrings next to the final product!


Once we determine the specifics, including metal type, accent stones, setting type, etc. We will create a CAD (computer aided design) for your final approval.


computer aided design

A computer aided design of a unique engagement ring


As long as all the particulars are ironed out, we will either create a wax mold that will become a casting, or a craftsman will create it entirely by hand.


wax ring mold

The wax mold of a custom ring design


The final result is a completely one-of-a-kind jewelry dream come to life! Building your own jewelry shouldn’t be intimidating, but an electrifying experience that connects you to the design forever. It’s an especially exciting idea for gift giving. Nothing says someone is important more than a custom and unique gift.


bench jeweler

A bench jeweler does custom metal work to create beautiful jewelry


Our friends at Little Bird Told You wanted to offer these words of wisdom about designing your own jewelry,


“The advice we most often give our clients who are considering embarking on a custom design project is to work with a jeweler whose style you absolutely love. Go into the experience with an open mind; the jeweler may have interesting suggestions. You might get to see a CAD before the piece is made. If you do, know that CADs almost always look more bulky and mechanical than the finished piece. If you are paying for custom work, it makes sense to use the highest quality materials such as 18k yellow gold or platinum and high quality gems or diamonds. You are making something special, so make it a piece that will last for generations.”

If you’re ready to design custom jewelry, contact our friendly team and get started today!


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