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Express Yourself: The Custom Engagement Ring Trend


As consumers, we have this burning desire to customize our cars, clothes, and computers.  We want to have the newest, the best and the most unique.  And it seems you can now customize your entire life (and death!)  Want a pair of Nikes with your favorite colors and prints? Design a pair in just a few minutes on their website. Want to give your loved one something they can snuggle in your absence? You can give a 14” stuffed figure that looks just like you!  Before you die, you can even customize the urn for your ashes  (creepy floating head, anyone? click it…you’ll see.)



Trend Alert: The Custom Engagement Ring





It’s All About Me

As the concept of individuality strengthens with each generation, we see shoppers looking for the next one-of-a-kind item.  Businesses understand that in this moment, if they do not give customers the option to personalize their look, they will fail.  And with this movement, we have seen amazing products and services develop.


The Custom Engagement Ring Trend

Perhaps the most exciting item a person can customize is their engagement ring.  Women who have unique style want a ring that has a great story they can tell and a look that will make others jealous.  They don’t want the cookie-cutter design anyone can find at one of the large chain jewelry stores (shop small!)    In a recent survey of 400 women, almost half said that “sentiment” is the most important factor of an engagement ring.  This means that the thoughtfulness and emotion behind the token of love must be evident.  If the giver wants to incorporate details that represent romantic moments or feelings, they will likely have to design a custom ring.  Vintage engagement rings are also great options and you can see some styles we’ve shared before in this post about jewelry through history.



Design Your Dream Engagement Ring in 3 Simple Steps!


Many jewelry sites offer a custom engagement ring design service, but none have our experience and expertise.  Our design experts work one on one with each client through the entire process to offer guidance, education and peace of mind.  A shopper can select one of Diamond Envy’s GIA certified loose colored diamonds as the centerpiece for the setting they prefer. They can specify the metal type, accent diamond color, and ring size so that the final product is completely to the recipient’s desires. After filling out a simple form, the client can submit the design.  Within 1-3 business days, the team at Diamond Envy will provide a quote and completion date for the final product. It’s that easy!


To learn more about what we do, check out this quick video and visit our Design Your Own Jewelry page.


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One Response to Express Yourself: The Custom Engagement Ring Trend

  1. Jen says:

    My ring is custom! He went off a picture of a vintage design because he knows how much I love Deco jewelry. It’s perfect.