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The Craziest Little Known Facts About Green Diamonds

Natural Fancy Green Diamond Ring

Diamonds come in practically all colors of the rainbow. White diamonds may be classic and time-tested, but green diamonds are even rarer and arguably more beautiful and captivating. Few are aware that diamonds can be found in such rich hues, rivaling those of green apples and limes. Natural green diamonds are so hard to come by that few will actually ever see, let alone hold, one in person.


To honor this sublime colored diamond, we’ve compiled a list that details how some diamonds are green and other little known facts about our favorite gemstone.  You’ll definitely learn something new!


0.34 carat fancy yellow-green heart-shaped diamond

0.34 carat Fancy Yellow-Green Heart-Shaped Diamond

Little Known Facts About Green Diamonds

Body Color vs. Skin Stones


  • Green diamonds fall into one of two categories: natural body color, which, as its name suggests, describes green diamonds that have a uniform green hue all over and “skin stones,” which describes green diamonds that have color only in its surface or “skin.”


  •  Skin stones owe their green color to traces of radiation that permeated the skin of diamonds as they were formed.


  •  Most natural green diamonds are skin stones. Body color green diamonds are therefore absolutely rare and valuable.


  • The most famous and largest “body color” green diamond is the 40.70 carat Dresden Green diamond.


cushion cut fancy green diamond

Green diamonds that have uniform color distributed throughout the body are very rare and extremely valuable.




  •  Natural green diamonds acquired their color from exposure to radiation during formation. The process took place over millions of years.


  • Exposure to radiation dictates that only those parts of the diamond that came into direct contact will have green color, which explains the existence of body color stones and skin stones.


  • There are three types of radiation that green diamonds are subjected to: (1) alpha radiation, the kind that produces skin stones as it tends to penetrate only the diamonds’ surface; (2) beta; and (3) gamma radiation. Beta and gamma radiation enter green diamonds to a deeper extent, resulting in diamonds that are much greener and have their color uniformly distributed.


  • Beta and gamma radiation are a boon to green diamonds and are an ultra-rare occurrence, happening less than 0.1 percent of the time.




  • Green diamonds are mined in South America and Africa.


  • The greatest challenge facing gemologists at this time is figuring out how to differentiate between natural and treated green diamonds. Green diamonds are susceptible to irradiation, natural and laboratory-produced.


To learn more about this rare diamond color, read our expert guide about fancy green diamonds.


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