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Colored Diamond Engagement Rings: Perfect for Your Holiday Proposal?

Yellow Diamonds, Pink Diamonds, Blue Diamonds – Oh my!

Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Natural Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring


The holiday season is the perfect time to pop the question.  Full of love and warmth, family gatherings, and time away from work, you can plan the ideal proposal.  You know the best place and you’ve thought about the romantic words you’ll say,  you’ve asked her family’s blessing, now what about the ring?  A holiday proposal should be exciting so take away some of the stress and do your homework before heading out to go ring shopping.


Colored Diamond Engagement Rings


Colored diamond engagement rings have been made popular by celebrities for years now.  Every time a woman sees a canary diamond (yellow diamond) on the left hand of a pop star on the red carpet, she is likely to think about her own diamond choices.  If more and more women are accepting a colored diamond as a token of lifetime love and support from their men, why rule one out as the perfect engagement ring for a surprise holiday proposal for yourself? Just be sure to do your fair share of research before spending the cash. If she hasn’t spilled the beans on her favorite color diamond, consider her favorite color overall. She is giving clues and hints everyday with her clothing and accessories choices – take note!   A woman who has feminine style may gravitate to a pink diamond ring.  A woman who prefers rare and uncommon jewelry or attire may desire a blue diamond engagement ring.


If you have a woman with unique style in your life, consider the option of color to satisfy her need to stand out –  in a beautiful way.  Although the popularity of colored diamond engagement rings is growing, there are plenty of options to ensure that her bauble is one-of-a-kind.


According to JCK Magazine, over sized jewelry pieces and bold color remain top choices for affluent jewelry buyers.  Of course someone with plenty of expendable income will want a bigger rock – and when it comes to diamonds, most agree that women prefer a large one on their finger, but the fire of a colored diamond may just be the perfect compromise.  Colored diamonds often have an additional color overtone, meaning that there is a base color and then a hint of another that gives the diamond a distinctive hue.  For example, a purplish pink diamond is quite different from what most think of when they “think pink” – diamonds that is. How’s that for unique? See comparison below:


Natural Fancy Intense Purplish Pink Diamond

Natural Fancy Intense Purplish Pink Diamond

 Natural Fancy Intense Pink Diamond

Natural Fancy Intense Pink Diamond

















If you want to make sure she says “Yes!”, then consider an amazing setting.  Double halos are the new halo and can give the effect of a larger diamond (score!) and certainly plenty of sparkle.  The rose gold reflects off pink diamonds giving a more pink look while the white gold adds shine to the colorless diamonds.



Light Pink Diamond Engagement Ring

Natural Fancy Light Pink Diamond Ring


A fun band can also lend a distinctive flair to your diamond choice.  A modern take on the infinity style band, as seen below, brings romance and elegance to a traditional solitaire engagement ring.


Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring

Natural Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring


Bottom line: consider your lucky lady’s personality and style before popping the question. If you choose an engagement ring that speaks to her taste, you can’t go wrong.


Haven’t found the right ring yet? Shop these popular colored diamond engagement rings!


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