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Celebrity Pets With More Jewelry Than You

Some pets are lucky enough to be loved by an owner who looks after their every need.  Celebrity pets, on the other hand, sit on the lap of luxury –with no expense spared.


Jewelry-Loving Celebrity Pets


Lisa Vanderpump’s Pomeranian, Giggy, for example, isn’t just another pint-sized pup.  He has his own custom made clothing and a crystal water bowl.  He’s often spotted sporting jewelry that mimics Lisa’s and his outfits are often adorned with blingy accents.

Giggy's suitcase with jewelry

“I pack light…just a few jewel encrusted jumpsuits should do it.”


Everyone remembers Tinkerbell, the Chihuahua.  Paris Hilton catapulted the tiny dog trend when she walked the red carpet carrying her pet pooch.  Although Paris now has countless animals under her care, Tinkerbell is certainly the most famous, and possibly the most spoiled.  She rocks a diamond encrusted collar (allegedly worth $55,000!) and prances around a miniature replica of the mansion Paris owns, complete with chandelier, heat and air conditioning.

tinkerbell's diamond collar

Paris Hilton loves all her pets, but only Tinkerbell wears diamond jewelry.


Karl Lagerfeld’s feline companion, Choupette, has maids (yes, maids –plural) and eats at a table, not on the floor.  She has over 11,000 fans on Instagram where she shares photos of her luxurious lifestyle.  Choupette loves to look chich in pearls.  She has been seen wearing pearl jewelry for photo shoots and at this year’s New York Fashion Week.

Karl Lagerfeld's cat, Choupette


We love our furry friends but these celebrity pets are beyond spoiled.

If you had the cash to spend, would you buy your pet jewelry?

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One Response to Celebrity Pets With More Jewelry Than You

  1. Meaghan says:

    I love dogs, but this stuff is a little insane.