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Diamonds–Not Just for Rings

Diamonds Aren’t Just for Rings Anymore Blingy Office Furniture If you’re reading this at the office, you are most likely sitting in a boring black chair. But it could be more comfortable,

Diamonds on Television News

When you hear the word ‘diamond,’ you probably would not automatically associate it with the word ‘investment.’ However, investing in diamonds is a new trend that auction houses like Christie’s and big-name

The World’s First All-Diamond Ring Is Now A Reality

Switzerland-based Shawish Jewelry has created the world’s first all-diamond ring. It weighs 150 carats and will sell for $70 million. Photo Source: Switzerland-based jewelry company Shawish Jewelry recently created an unprecedented

5 Beautiful Brides

The biggest day of a woman’s life (if she is so inclined, that is) is arguably her wedding day. This is her chance to shine, to be the blushing bride that everyone

6 Hit Songs About Diamonds

Practically everything is fair game when it comes to writing songs and conveying the depths of the musician’s emotions and thoughts. In songs, diamonds are either to be taken literally (i.e., the

Diamond encrusted WHAT?!

Diamonds tend to be synonymous with luxury and wealth, and the seven videos below provide a shocking testament of that association. Watching these videos separately and collectively will indeed make you ask

Buyer (or, rather, SELLER) beware! Would you do business with places like these?

One sector of the jewelry industry turns the tables on its customers where the customers do the selling and the sellers do the buying – and that’s the “gold exchange.” However, as

The 6 Sexiest Diamond Commercials

It’s not a well-kept advertising secret that sex sells better than nearly everything else. A survey conducted by MediaAnalyzer Software & Research in 2005 found that even though men (and women) exhibited

4 Funny Diamond Commercials

Nothing elicits a universal reaction of appreciation quite like a funny, smartly orchestrated and well-timed commercial. That’s no less true when it comes to selling diamonds and jewelry. Below are some of

The 9 Most Romantic Diamond Commercials

For the hopeless romantic in all of us, diamond commercials are as timeless as diamonds themselves. They nurture our “fairytale romance” dreams and play on the hidden emotions deep within us. The